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CF/SD/XQD Performance Database - Continued

Nikon D700 write speed (firmware A:1.03 B:1.02)
This page was last updated on May 30, 2012


The data in the JPEG and RAW columns in the table below was derived by timing how long it took the Nikon D700 to write 23 JPEG Fine and then 15 NEF photos to the memory card. Timing commenced when the camera's card status light illuminated, and stopped when the light went out. Each test cycle was performed three times (if the card's capacity allowed for that) to ensure accurate results. The data has been converted to megabytes-per-second (MB/s). Higher numbers are better.

The figure in the Burst column represents how many NEF + JPEG pictures the camera was able to take in 30 seconds. Higher numbers are better, and a relatively small difference in the number of frames captured translates to a noticeable difference in how much faster one card feels than another, when shooting frequent extended bursts.

Prior to both JPEG and RAW testing, all cards were first secure erased on a computer, then formatted in the camera. The same test scene was photographed, under the same illumination, for all tests. The identical camera settings and lens were also used throughout.
All RAW testing was done with the camera set to shoot 14-bit Uncompressed NEFs at the D700's full resolution. When shooting JPEGs, the camera was set to Optimal Quality. We also tried different combinations of Compressed NEF, Lossless Compressed NEF and Size Priority JPEGs, to see if the camera's write speed changed appreciably. In all cases, we found that overall write speed dropped slightly from what you see in the table, but the cards' relative performance remained about the same.

The D700 has one CompactFlash Type I card slot.

Interpreting the results The data can be sorted by manufacturer, card type, rated capacity, file format and 30-second burst, in both ascending and descending order, by clicking on the appropriate column header. When sorting by JPEG or RAW, the fastest 10% for that format are highlighted in blue. You can view extra information for a card by clicking the icon to the left of the card's name, or for all cards at once by clicking Show Extra Info in the Memory Card header field. All calculations are based on 1 megabyte = 1,048,576 bytes. The word Error in a results field means the card was not able to complete the test and is most likely incompatible with the camera.

Memory Card  Show Extra Info
Card Size JPEG RAW Burst
Lexar Professional 1000X 32GB 
CF I 32GB 33.3MB/s 41.9MB/s 41
Lexar Professional 1000X 64GB 
CF I 64GB 33.1MB/s 41.6MB/s 41
Lexar Professional 1000X 128GB 
CF I 128GB 33MB/s 41.4MB/s 41
Lexar Professional 1000X 16GB 
CF I 16GB 30.3MB/s 38.2MB/s 38
SanDisk Extreme 60MB/s 8GB 
CF I 8GB 31.3MB/s 38.1MB/s 39
SanDisk Extreme 60MB/s 16GB 
CF I 16GB 31MB/s 37.3MB/s 38
SanDisk Extreme 60MB/s 32GB 
CF I 32GB 30.5MB/s 36MB/s 37
SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB 
CF I 64GB 26.9MB/s 33MB/s 35
SanDisk Extreme Pro 32GB 
CF I 32GB 26.8MB/s 32.8MB/s 35
PhotoFast 533X Plus 8GB note
CF I 8GB 27MB/s 32.7MB/s 35
SanDisk Extreme Pro 128GB 
CF I 128GB 27MB/s 32.6MB/s 36
Lexar Professional 600X 8GB 
CF I 8GB 27MB/s 32.5MB/s 35
Duracell Pro Photo 600X 8GB 
CF I 8GB 27MB/s 32.4MB/s 35
Lexar Professional 600X 16GB 
CF I 16GB 26.9MB/s 32.3MB/s 35
PhotoFast 533X Plus 16GB 
CF I 16GB 27MB/s 32.3MB/s 35
Ridata Lightning 600X 16GB 
CF I 16GB 26.5MB/s 32.3MB/s 35
Lexar Professional 600X 32GB 
CF I 32GB 26.5MB/s 32.3MB/s 35
SanDisk Extreme Pro 16GB 
CF I 16GB 26.7MB/s 31.9MB/s 35
Delkin CombatFlash 625X 16GB 
CF I 16GB 26.3MB/s 31.4MB/s 35
My Digital Discount 600X 64GB 
CF I 64GB 25.8MB/s 31.1MB/s 35
Hoodman RAW 675X 8GB 
CF I 8GB 25.5MB/s 30.4MB/s 34
Delkin CombatFlash 685X 16GB 
CF I 16GB 25.4MB/s 30.3MB/s 35
SanDisk Extreme Ducati 4GB 
CF I 4GB 25.6MB/s 30MB/s 33
Lexar Professional 400X 8GB 
CF I 8GB 24.2MB/s 29.5MB/s 33
Transcend 600X 8GB 
CF I 8GB 24.7MB/s 29.4MB/s 33
SanDisk Extreme Ducati 8GB 
CF I 8GB 24.8MB/s 28.9MB/s 33
Transcend 600X 16GB 
CF I 16GB 34.6MB/s 28.4MB/s 33
SanDisk Extreme IV 45MB/s Edition 4GB note
CF I 4GB 24.1MB/s 27.5MB/s 33
SanDisk Extreme IV 45MB/s Edition 16GB note
CF I 16GB 23.6MB/s 27.4MB/s 33
SanDisk Extreme IV 45MB/s Edition 8GB note
CF I 8GB 23.6MB/s 27.2MB/s 33
SanDisk Extreme IV 2GB 
CF I 2GB 20.5MB/s 26.7MB/s 33
Lexar Professional 400X 16GB 
CF I 16GB 22.5MB/s 26.6MB/s 33
PhotoFast 533X 64GB 
CF I 64GB 22.7MB/s 26.6MB/s 33
Transcend 400X 16GB 
CF I 16GB 22.9MB/s 26.6MB/s 33
Lexar Professional 300X 16GB 
CF I 16GB 21.8MB/s 26.5MB/s 33
Lexar Professional 300X 8GB 
CF I 8GB 19.4MB/s 26.4MB/s 32
Transcend UDMA 300X 4GB 
CF I 4GB 19.7MB/s 25.8MB/s 32
Transcend UDMA 300X 8GB 
CF I 8GB 19.3MB/s 25.5MB/s 32
Dane-Elec 300Xs UDMA 8GB 
CF I 8GB 19.5MB/s 25.5MB/s 33
Ridata Supreme 300X 4GB 
CF I 4GB 19.3MB/s 25.4MB/s 33
Lexar Professional 300X 4GB 
CF I 4GB 18.7MB/s 25.2MB/s 32
PNY Optima PRO UDMA 266X 4GB 
CF I 4GB 19.8MB/s 25.1MB/s 32
Hoodman RAW 300X (500,000 cycle) 8GB note
CF I 8GB 20.5MB/s 24.9MB/s 32
SanDisk Extreme IV 8GB 
CF I 8GB 18.6MB/s 24.8MB/s 32
SanDisk Ultra 30MB/s 4GB 
CF I 4GB 20.8MB/s 24.8MB/s 33
Lexar Professional 300X 32GB 
CF I 32GB 22.1MB/s 24.4MB/s 32
Hoodman RAW 300X 8GB 
CF I 8GB 18.9MB/s 24.2MB/s 31
A-Data Turbo 350X 16GB 
CF I 16GB 20.8MB/s 24.2MB/s 32
SanDisk Ultra 30MB/s 16GB 
CF I 16GB 20.1MB/s 24MB/s 32
Lexar Professional 233X 16GB 
CF I 16GB 21MB/s 23.9MB/s 32
Hoodman RAW 300X (500,000 cycle) 16GB note
CF I 16GB 20.5MB/s 23.8MB/s 32
PNY Opt. PRO UDMA (2007) 8GB 
CF I 8GB 19.2MB/s 23.6MB/s 31
PhotoFast 533X 32GB 
CF I 32GB 22.6MB/s 23.5MB/s 33
Pretec 333X 16GB 
CF I 16GB 19.8MB/s 23.3MB/s 31
Lexar Professional 233X 4GB 
CF I 4GB 18.9MB/s 23.2MB/s 31
Lexar Professional 233X 8GB 
CF I 8GB 18.5MB/s 22.6MB/s 30
SanDisk Extreme III 30MB/s Edition 4GB note
CF I 4GB 19.3MB/s 22.6MB/s 31
SanDisk Extreme III 30MB/s Edition 16GB note
CF I 16GB 19.2MB/s 22.4MB/s 31
Transcend UDMA 300X 16GB 
CF I 16GB 19.3MB/s 22.3MB/s 31
SanDisk Ultra 30MB/s 8GB 
CF I 8GB 19.4MB/s 22.1MB/s 31
PNY Optima PRO UDMA 266X 8GB 
CF I 8GB 18.6MB/s 20.5MB/s 31
SanDisk Extreme III 30MB/s Edition 8GB note
CF I 8GB 17.5MB/s 19.4MB/s 30
Kingston Ultimate 600X 32GB 
CF I 32GB 15MB/s 16.9MB/s 29
SanDisk Extreme III 30MB/s Edition 32GB 
CF I 32GB 14.4MB/s 16.3MB/s 29
Hoodman PRO 150X-133X 4GB 
CF I 4GB 12.1MB/s 14.2MB/s 29
SanDisk Extreme III 4GB note
CF I 4GB 11.3MB/s 14.1MB/s 29
Lexar Professional 133X 4GB 
CF I 4GB 12.3MB/s 14.1MB/s 29
SanDisk Extreme III 8GB 
CF I 8GB 10.4MB/s 13.9MB/s 27
Delkin PRO 305X 4GB 
CF I 4GB 11.4MB/s 13.8MB/s 27
Kingston Ultimate 266X 4GB 
CF I 4GB 11.1MB/s 13.6MB/s 27
Kingston Ultimate 266X 8GB 
CF I 8GB 10MB/s 13.6MB/s 27
Transcend 266X 8GB 
CF I 8GB 10.7MB/s 13.5MB/s 27
Lexar Professional 133X 8GB 
CF I 8GB 7.2MB/s 13MB/s 25
Delkin UDMA 420X 16GB 
CF I 16GB 11.4MB/s 12.2MB/s 26
Kingston standard 8GB note
CF I 8GB 10.8MB/s 12.2MB/s 27
Delkin PRO 305X 16GB 
CF I 16GB 11.1MB/s 12.2MB/s 25
SanDisk Extreme III 16GB 
CF I 16GB 7.4MB/s 12.1MB/s 25
Kingston Ultimate 133X 8GB 
CF I 8GB 6.9MB/s 12MB/s 25
SanDisk Extreme III 12GB 
CF I 12GB 7.6MB/s 12MB/s 25
Ridata Pro 150X 8GB 
CF I 8GB 8.9MB/s 11.4MB/s 23
Hoodman RAW 280X 8GB 
CF I 8GB 9.2MB/s 11.3MB/s 23
ATP Pro Max II 300X 8GB 
CF I 8GB 8.6MB/s 11.2MB/s 23
Transcend 120X 4GB 
CF I 4GB 8.6MB/s 11MB/s 23
Hoodman RAW 280X 4GB 
CF I 4GB 9.3MB/s 11MB/s 24
Lexar Platinum II 80X 16GB 
CF I 16GB 9.9MB/s 10.5MB/s 23
Lexar 80X (3rd ed.) 4GB note
CF I 4GB 9.2MB/s 10.4MB/s 23
Kingston Ultimate 100X 4GB 
CF I 4GB 8.2MB/s 10.4MB/s 23
Lexar Platinum II 200X 8GB 
CF I 8GB 9.5MB/s 10.2MB/s 23
Transcend 133X 32GB 
CF I 32GB 8.2MB/s 10MB/s 23
SanDisk Ultra II 4GB 
CF I 4GB 8.5MB/s 9.5MB/s 23
ATP Pro Max 4GB 
CF I 4GB 7.4MB/s 9.2MB/s 23
Transcend 133X 16GB 
CF I 16GB 6.3MB/s 8.7MB/s 21
Kingston Elite Pro 16GB 
CF I 16GB 6.4MB/s 8.4MB/s 21
Ridata Lightning 233X 16GB 
CF I 16GB 6.2MB/s 8.2MB/s 21
SanDisk Ultra II 8GB 
CF I 8GB 5.1MB/s 7.6MB/s 19
Fujifilm 310X 8GB 
CF I 8GB 5.4MB/s 6.4MB/s 19
Fujifilm 310X 4GB 
CF I 4GB 5.4MB/s 6.1MB/s 19
Kingston standard 4GB note
CF I 4GB 5MB/s 5.4MB/s 19
Delkin PRO 8GB 
CF I 8GB 3.9MB/s 3.9MB/s 17
SanDisk standard 4GB 
CF I 4GB 2.8MB/s 3.8MB/s 17
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