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Bill Frakes to lead two-day multimedia workshop in Calgary  
Friday, July 22, 2011 | by Rob Galbraith
Sports Illustrated staff photographer Bill Frakes, along with Laura Heald (Frakes' assistant and partner in their multimedia company Straw Hat Visuals), are staging a two-day workshop here in our hometown of Calgary, Canada. The workshop, which takes place August 6-7, 2011, will focus on the melding of stills, audio and video into finished multimedia pieces, with an emphasis on audio recording, video capture and workflow.

Frakes and Heald have teamed up to produce some superb multimedia productions. Examples are on the Straw Hat Visuals website and include All Over Down Under (shot for Nikon on the D3S), Dawn to Derby (Frakes is an annual fixture at the Kentucky Derby horse race) and Bogged Down.

The Girls of Old Florida, a piece on sorority football at the University of Florida, features a coaching tip you don't hear too often: "Hey, with your hands, not your boobs, with your hands." (This piece is featured on the Sports Illustrated site as well.)

Multimedia: The Girls of Old Florida on the Straw Hat Visuals site

Tickets for their Calgary workshop can be purchased here. A PDF outlining the workshop schedule is here.
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