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PocketWizard Plus II on its way to dealers in the USA  
Friday, June 23, 2006 | by Rob Galbraith

Lorenzo Gasperini of the MAC Group, the U.S. distributor of LPA Design's PocketWizard line of radio triggering devices, says the Plus II is now on its way to dealers in the U.S. Shipments have been made to all of the bigger pro photo retailers intending to carry the new model, says Gasperini, which should put it on dealer shelves widely as soon as next week.

The Plus II replaces both the Plus transmitter and receiver in the product lineup; its new features include automatic switching between transmitter and receiver modes and the ability to trigger a remote camera and wirelessly-linked strobe(s) using only one Plus II unit at the remote camera.

Those looking to snap up a discontinued Plus unit or two in the U.S. will have to act fast; the MAC Group is out of receivers, while only a few transmitters remain in inventory, says Gasperini.

A MAC Group press release contains additional information. We previewed the Plus II in an April 25, 2006 article.

Revision History
 Added information from Lorenzo Gasperini at MAC Group (June 24, 2006)



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