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Photoshop Lightroom 2.3, Camera Raw 5.3, now available in final form  
Monday, March 2, 2009 | by Rob Galbraith
Adobe has released Photoshop Lightroom 2.3 and Camera Raw 5.3, updates to its pro photo management application and to Photoshop CS4's RAW conversion plug-in, respectively. Both updates were made available previously in release candidate form; today, Adobe has posted the final versions of each, for Mac and Windows. Support for Nikon D3X and Olympus E-30 RAW files headline the changes in both the application and plug-in.

Follow a link below to access the Photoshop Lightroom 2.3 updaters for your platform:
More information is in a post on the Lightroom Journal blog.

Camera Raw 5.3 is available through the update mechanism in Photoshop CS4, or as a standalone updater:
More information is in the Camera Raw 5.3 Read Me.
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