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Lowepro introduces Pacsafe laptop theft deterrent  
Saturday, August 19, 2000 | by
The Travel Safe 200, distributed by Lowepro for Pacsafe, is designed to make it significantly more difficult for a thief to make off with a stored Powerbook G3-size laptop.

Travel Safe 200 by Pacsafe

Like other Pacsafe products, the Travel Safe 200 is made of a woven stainless steel mesh sandwiched between layers of opaque black nylon. It is designed to be tethered to an immovable object, then locked closed and in place with the included steel padlock (and unlocked with one of three supplied keys). The Travel Safe 200 is expected to be available in the next 2-3 weeks.

Since March I've traveled with the Pacsafe P, securing my Lowepro Stealth AW backpack inside it in hotel rooms and the like while on the road. While it will by no means deter a determined thief sporting heavy duty wire cutters, I'm confident it will stop the majority of crooks that are on the prowl for expensive but easy-to-steal items. I also have a Travel Safe 420 for storing smaller stuff.

Pacsafe's website describes how their products are constructed, and how the locking mechanism works.

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