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Windows XP on Intel Mac contest won  
Friday, March 17, 2006 | by Eamon Hickey

A contest to make Windows XP run on one of the new Intel-based Apple Macintosh computers, without using performance-robbing emulation software such as Virtual PC, has been won. The prize of over $13,000 has been awarded to two California Mac enthusiasts whose names have not yet been revealed.

A condition of the contest was that the solution would be made freely available, and it can now be downloaded from the contest website.

Although it apparently works, the complex installation procedure and the lack of drivers for key components, especially video drivers, mean this is only a first step to a functional dual-boot Windows XP/Mac OS solution. CNET has a story about the conclusion of the contest as well as a short interview with its founder. also reports on the contest's conclusion and offers a handful of important details about the solution.


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