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Canon posts File Viewer Utility updates  
Monday, May 19, 2003 | by Rob Galbraith

Canon has posted updates to the File Viewer Utility browsing and RAW file processing application it bundles with its digital SLR and other cameras. For digital SLR shooters, a bug in the copying of Click WB settings from EOS-1D and EOS-1Ds files has been fixed. In addition, the new version adds support for RAW files from the EOS 10D (at least for those running a version of File Viewer Utility obtained with a camera that shipped prior to the EOS 10D's release).

File Viewer Utility 1.2.2 for Windows Windows users can download an updater that brings File Viewer Utility to v1.2.2. While Canon has not ever posted the complete Windows version of File Viewer Utility for download, it is possible to download RAW Image Converter first, then "update" that to File Viewer Utility 1.2.2 using the updater. Strange, but true. Installing RAW Image Converter is necessary only if an earlier version of File Viewer Utility is not already present.

File Viewer Utility 1.2.1 for Mac Though Canon had previously posted File Viewer Utility 1.1.1 for Mac OS X as a complete download, it has now been removed. In its place, Canon has made available Mac OS 9 and OS X updaters that brings File Viewer Utility to v1.2.1.

Note that even if you already have an earlier version of File Viewer Utility on your system, the installer is insistent that an original EOS or Powershot software CD (called a Solutions Disk or something similar on the CD label) must be mounted on the desktop to run the 1.2.1 updater. We were able to get the updater to run when any of three Solutions Disks of various vintages was present.

Reader Toshi Clark suggests a simple workaround for the CD requirement, at least for Mac OS X users with File Viewer Utility 1.1.1 already installed. Locate Install File.1 in the Install Files folder and rename it File Viewer Depending on how you have your Mac configured, you may see the .app extension disappear once you've completed the renaming of the file - this is normal. Then, move the renamed file to your existing File Viewer Utility folder (which is probably nested inside the Canon Utilities folder inside the Applications folder on your hard drive).

Locate Install File.1 inside the Install Files folder

Rename as shown above

This worked like a charm here, eliminating the need to run the installer at all. If you wish to keep the older version of the File Viewer Utility application, rename it File Viewer Utility 1.1.1 or something like that before dropping in the new File Viewer Utility.

Mac users appear to be unable to perform their Windows counterpart's trick of updating to File Viewer Utility 1.2.1 if RAW Image Converter is already installed.

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