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Use your iOS device as a shutter release with upcoming ioShutter app and cables  
Friday, October 21, 2011 | by Rob Galbraith
Photography accessories maker enlight photo has announced ioShutter, a cable and an app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that enables these devices to fire a connected camera. The ioShutter cable runs from the headphone jack to the camera's remote input; at launch, cables will be available for Canon, Pentax and Hasselblad models with a 2.5mm remote port, plus N3 socket Canons too, while a Nikon 10-pin cable is planned. The app provides several operating modes including a countdown timer, timelapse and Bulb, as well as triggering by sound or by shaking the iOS device.

Trigger Happy: The ioShutter system. Click to enlarge (Graphic courtesy enlight photo)

Cables are to be released in November or early December 2011, direct from enlight photo and perhaps from photo retailers as well.

The free Lite version of the ioShutter app can already be downloaded from the App Store. Its interface is fully-functional without the cable, so you can see right away how the app will work (though of course a camera can't be triggered without one).

You'll immediately notice that the Lite version is too limited to be useful for much more than straight triggering of the camera, since its timelapse and other modes are restricted to a small handful of timing presets. A Pro version of the app is slated to have fully configurable settings, and plug-ins are expected to extend the functionality of ioShutter as well.

Screenshots from the Lite version are below.

We've sent a list of questions about ioShutter to enlight photo and will update this story with the information we get back. Update, January 25, 2012: The company's responses to our questions have been put into a separate article.
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