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GretagMacbeth announces two new ColorChecker targets  
Friday, February 13, 2004 | by Rob Galbraith

Two new ColorChecker targets geared for the professional digital photographer were announced this week by GretagMacbeth:

  • The ColorChecker White Balance card is a larger version of the white patch from the original, 24-patch ColorChecker, and is promised to be spectrally neutral under a variety of illuminants for use with the Custom/Preset WB function of digital cameras or RAW file processing software.

  • The three-step ColorChecker Grayscale card contains white, 18% reflectance gray and black strips, to aid in the establishing of scene contrast ratio in controlled-light shooting environments.

In addition, the upcoming digital camera profiling module of ProfileMaker 5 will include an all-new Digital ColorChecker SG profiling target.

A press release has additional information on the ColorChecker White Balance and ColorChecker Grayscale cards.


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