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Kodak expands list of phones compatible with camera transmit function  
Sunday, August 27, 2000 | by
Kodak has expanded the list of phones capable of transmitting photos from certain DCS cameras, including the DCS 520, DCS 620 and DCS 620x. Among the newly-added phones is the popular Nokia 7110, a GSM phone available in Europe and Asia.

Nokia 7110

Those marked below as having limited success may not be able transmit at full network speed and may also be prone to disconnects.

CDMA phones (US, Canada, handful of other countries):

GSM phones (Europe, Asia)

While GSM is in North America as well, none of the above phones will work on US and Canadian GSM networks (though there are, or will be, certain North American equivalents, including the Nokia 7190, expected to be release before year's end).

Also, note that the Canon EOS D2000 is not supported, despite the fact that is identical to the DCS 520. Says Kodak's Mike DeLuca:

...while we continue in discussions with Canon, transmission is currently not supported with the Canon D2000 camera.

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