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Kodak drops DCS 560, 660 price to US$7995  
Tuesday, March 13, 2001 | by
Kodak Professional's Mike DeWoody indicates that the US list price for the DCS 560 and DCS 660 cameras, Kodak's 6MP SLR models based on Canon and Nikon bodies, respectively, has dropped to US$7995. The price change is effective immediately.

No change has been made to the camera kits themselves (though a US promotion that saw four 160MB CompactFlash cards included with the camera has been ended), and the price reduction is not temporary. One US dealer is quoting customers a price of US$6990 for either camera, suggesting the street price in the US will be several hundred dollars lower at most dealers than Kodak's list price. The price in other regions worldwide may vary.

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