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Canon updates EOS-1D X specifications  
Tuesday, February 28, 2012 | by Rob Galbraith
At the time of the EOS-1D X's announcement, certain specifications such as battery life and burst depth, as well as memory card write speed requirements for video, were not given out. Canon has now filled in the blanks.

Burst depth At ISO 100, the EOS-1D X will shoot 180 full-resolution JPEG, 38 CR2 or 17 JPEG+CR2 frames in a continuous burst to a UDMA Mode 7-capable CompactFlash card.

Battery life The camera can capture the following number of frames per charge when powered by its 11.1V/2450mAh Battery Pack LP-E4N:
  • At 73F/23C, no Live View: 1120 frames
  • At 32F/0C, no Live View: 860 frames
  • At 73F/23C, Live View on: 290 frames
  • At 32F/0C, Live View on: 250 frames
Weight The EOS-1D X, with battery and memory card, weighs 3.4lb/1530g.

Video Canon projects the EOS-1D X's typical video data rates to be:
  • 1080p, all fps, IPB compression: 235MB/minute
  • 1080p, all fps, ALL-I compression: 685MB/minute
  • 720p, all fps, IPB compression: 205MB/minute
  • 720p, all fps, ALL-I compression: 610MB/minute
  • 640 x 480, all fps, IPB compression: 45MB/minute
Canon recommends a CompactFlash card with a 10MB/s minimum sustained write speed capability for capturing IPB-compression video. For All-I, 30MB/s. The same values are recommended for read speeds, to enable video to play back without interruption in the camera.
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