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Camera Raw 2.1 fixes IPTC problem for Mac users  
Tuesday, February 17, 2004 | by Rob Galbraith

Adobe's Camera Raw 2.1, a free update to the RAW file format plug-in that's part of Photoshop CS, fixes a problem for Mac users in which IPTC-format caption information written into RAW files by applications such as Photo Mechanic and iView MediaPro would not carry through to Photoshop's File Info when Camera Raw 2.0 was used to process the photos.

Version 2.1 of Camera Raw adds the ANPA 10000 resource to the list of locations it searches within a file for IPTC information. This is the location in a RAW file's Mac resource fork that Photo Mechanic, iView MediaPro and perhaps other Mac programs store IPTC data.

In our testing with a range of Nikon NEF and Canon .TIF RAW-format files, the IPTC data does once again carry through to File Info, thereby plugging a fairly big hole in our own Photoshop CS workflow.

Camera Raw 2.1 also adds 14 new cameras to the long list of RAW file formats it supports. Included on the official list of supported models now are the Nikon D2H and Kodak DCS Pro 14n; RAW files from both cameras could be processed through v2.0, but this support was not official.

On the not-officially-supported list for v2.1 are the DCS Pro SLR/n and DCS Pro 14nx (a 14n with an upgraded image sensor). In a post in the forums on this site, Camera Raw author Thomas Knoll notes:

The 14nx and SLR/n support in Camera Raw 2.1 was based on sample files provided by Kodak just before we finalized the code (thanks dtbb). Thus this support has not been fully tested by Adobe (which requires an actual camera and a little more lead time), so this support is still "unofficial". However, from the reports we are seeing, it appears to work quite well.

For Camera Raw 2.2 we will probably update the color profile and tune some noise reduction parameters based on an actual camera, at which time the support will be declared "official".

Camera Raw 2.1 for Photoshop CS is a free, downloadable update for Mac and Windows.

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