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Scandinavian Touch expands Walkstool line  
Thursday, September 28, 2006 | by Mike Sturk

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Sitting Down on the Job: The Walkstool line from Scandinavian Touch. Click to enlarge. (Photo by Mike Sturk)

Lars Andersson of Scandinavian Touch has travelled once again from Sweden to Photokina, armed with two new models of the Walkstool we first saw at Photokina 2004. Two new lower-priced designs, built in China and called Walkstool Basic, have joined the Walkstool lineup as well. 

The traditional line of Walkstools at this edition of the giant photo trade show have been improved to accommodate people of varying shapes and sizes. Specifically, larger seats and larger rubber feet have been added to models in the Walkstool Comfort line, which is manufactured in Sweden. 

Sports photographers or any photographer needing a light, portable seat that clips onto a belt will find these collapsible seats handy to use along the sidelines of a football game, or anywhere that involves shooting while sitting on location. Street prices range from approximately US$35-$90 in the U.S., depending on the Walkstool model.

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