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Microsoft releases Expression Media update  
Thursday, April 17, 2008 | by Rob Galbraith
Microsoft has released Expression Media Post-SP1 Rollup, an update to v1.x of the Mac and Windows photo cataloging application that fixes several bugs, including an instance of the program crashing when working with Nikon D3 and D300 NEFs.

The download pages lists the following changes. Note that while the text refers to Windows only, the changes are present in both the Mac and Windows releases of Expression Media. Once installed, the Mac version number will be 1.0.3 (9038), while the Windows version number will 1.0.9038.0. The updaters are actually full installers that act as trial versions of the program as well.

Expression Media Post-SP Rollup for Microsoft Windows fixes the following issues from Expression Media Service Pack 1:

  • Nikon D3/D300 NEF RAW files crash Expression Media
  • Custom fields have garbage characters appended to the end of the fields when opened in Expression Media Service Pack 1
  • After upgrading to Apple QuickTime 7.4, files/folders added to a Catalog that previously existed are duplicated in the Catalog Folder pane and uses 8.3 naming instead of long file names.

Follow a link below to download:
  • Expression Media Post-SP1 Rollup for Mac (the Mac version was revved from v1.0.2 (9038) to v1.0.3 (9038) on April 18, 2008; if you downloaded this update on or before April 17, 2008 you might want to now download the new iteration of it via the link above - note that the version numbers listed on the Mac download page are incorrect in several places and that the actual download is v1.0.3 (9038)).
In early March 2008, Microsoft commenced a public beta of Expression Media 2.

Revision History
April 18, 2008: Added information about changes to the Mac version since the article was first published.

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