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ShutterSnitch 2.0.1 submitted to App Store  
Wednesday, December 29, 2010 | by Rob Galbraith
Upload: Dropbox has been added as an export location in ShutterSnitch 2.0.1. Click to enlarge
ShutterSnitch 2.0.1, a maintenance release of the superb app for receiving pictures wirelessly on an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, has been submitted for approval to Apple's App Store.

It includes a fix for a crash that could occur when invoking Actions for the first time, improves the speed and stability of the app while working with large collections, adds the Dropbox online storage service to the list of export locations and more.

The full list of changes is as follows:
  • ShutterSnitch stability when working with really large collections is improved dramatically. In ShutterSnitch 2.0 (which was already much better than v1.x in this way), we began to experience noticeable slowdowns and eventually crashes as the collection size closed in on 1500 D3S JPEGs.

    While testing the release candidate of ShutterSnitch 2.0.1, we were able to transmit almost 6400 D3S JPEGs into a collection without a crash and without the app slowing down much at all. ShutterSnitch's ability to manage large collections is considerably better in v2.0.1.

    The time it takes to load or change the sorting method for a several-thousand-photo collection has been sped up by 15-20X in our testing too, while the thumbnail strip no longer bogs down during extended scrolling. The performance optimizations in v2.0.1 should make it far less necessary to worry about how many pictures you transmit into a single collection. If your assignments generate 1000+ pictures routinely, ShutterSnitch should handle this sort of volume well without requiring that you break up the shoot into several smaller collections.

  • Actions no longer crashes the first time it's invoked (in the meantime, developer Brian Gerfort has identified this workaround).

  • A new preference enables the user to choose whether the Description textbox should automatically appear when viewing a picture that contains Description metadata.

  • The Dropbox online storage service joins the list of export locations.

  • The FTP connection timeout has been reduced to five seconds. This is probably to prevent ShutterSnitch from appearing to hang when certain FTP errors occur.

  • A delete button has been added to the top bar of the main screen within a collection.

  • The option to enter keywords has been removed, says Gerfort, until such time as the iOS functions for writing keywords and other IPTC metadata are functioning properly. (He has previously stated that IPTC writing commands in iOS 4.2/4.2.1 don't work).
Once Apple approves ShutterSnitch 2.0.1, a process that's likely to take a week or more, the new version will be a free update for licensed users of any earlier ShutterSnitch release. A new license is US$7.99 (or the rough equivalent) from App Stores worldwide.

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