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iView MediaPro 1.3.1 Release 3 posted  
Tuesday, November 27, 2001 | by
iView MediaPro 1.3.1 Release 3, posted today, adds support for Canon EOS D30 RAW .CRW files. This is the most significant addition in a long list of changes in the superb Mac-only image cataloger.

By taking advantage of the fact that the D30 writes a 1440 pixel x 960 pixel standard JPEG into every RAW .CRW file, the latest release of iView MediaPro can create up to 320 pixel thumbnails, as well show large previews in its Media view, without directly decoding the .CRW format. Instead, it grabs and works with the JPEG tucked inside. In addition, the program will extract shooting information from D30 RAW files (as long as the .CRW's accompanying .THM file is present), as well as IPTC text information added by programs like Photo Mechanic.

iView MediaPro 1.3.1 Release 3 can extract up to 320 pixel thumbnails, key shooting
information (except white balance) and IPTC text information from Canon EOS D30 RAW .CRW
files. It will also quickly display previews of up to 1440 x 960 pixels, as shown above.

The iView MediaPro web site notes these changes in version 1.3.1:

  • Added support for Canon CRW files. Media view displays 1440 by 960 preview version only until Canon releases conversion libraries.

  • Improved support for font suitcases with multiple fonts. Added support for dfont files OS X.

  • Added "php" as export HTML extension.

  • Improved PDF support on OS X. (added pdf convert to image).

  • Improved voice recording feature.

  • Added "attached" scripts to:
    - Perform lossless rotation on original files (OS X)
    - Import annotations from PhotoDISC CDROMs

  • Improved PhotoCD support:
    - rendering at 3072 by 2048
    - importing of data fork IPTC annotations

  • Complete re-write of printing code (OS X). Now supports setting the grid by size (e.g. print 5 by 3 in, etc).

  • Corrected Finder info for OS X. Fixes a problem when dropping files onto iView Desktop Icon.

  • Disabled Color Profile support for PICT files due to QuickTime problems with compressed PICT files.

  • Cosmetic fixes on slide show control panel.

  • Fixed HTML export character euro to ""

  • Cleaned up importers list.

  • Removed unsupported Finder property functions (replaced with AppleScript) except desktop icons that creates thumbnails supported on OS X.

  • Fixed problem with sets menu in slide show.

  • Added rebuild AppleScript command (thumbnail & media info).

  • Corrected problem synchronizing annotations to original JPEG and Photoshop files

Note that if you downloaded a version of iView MediaPro 1.3 earlier this week, a new version posted today, 1.3.1 Release 3, fixes some minor bugs in v1.3. iView MediaPro operates in free trial mode for 2 weeks; registration is US$50, or US$30 to upgrade from iView Multimedia, PhotoRelay or for owners of Roxio Toast Deluxe v4 or later.

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