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Nikon posts notice of lack of D2Xs NEF support  
Monday, July 3, 2006 | by Eamon Hickey

The Nikon Europe tech support website has posted a sort of combination apology/explanation stating that NEF (RAW) files from the D2Xs, which is just becoming available, are not supported by any Nikon software except PictureProject.

Nikon Capture 4.4 does not support NEF files from the D2Xs, and Nikon's statement implies that no update of Capture 4.4 that would offer support for the D2Xs is planned. Capture 4.4's replacement, Capture NX, will support D2Xs NEF files, but the release of NX continues to be delayed. Nikon View 6.2.7 also does not support D2Xs NEF files.

Nikon Europe says that it will offer a 30-day trial version of Capture NX "as soon as possible" and goes on to "apologise for this temporary inconvenience."

As of this writing, we could find no similar statement on Nikon's Japanese or U.S. websites.

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