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Bibble 4.2 adds Nikon D2X RAW file processing and more  
Friday, March 18, 2005 | by Rob Galbraith

Version 4.2 of the photo browser and RAW file processing application Bibble for Windows, Mac and Linux adds support for RAW files from the Nikon D2X and Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT/350D.

These additions headline the many, many changes in the latest iteration of Bibble from software developer Bibble Labs.

Version 4.2 is a free update for registered users of an earlier 4.x release. It ships in both US$129 Pro and US$69 Lite versions; a trial version is also available.

A complete list of what's new is found in the Bibble 4.2 Change Log.










Bibble Labs Inc. is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Bibble 4.2. The second major update to Bibble 4.x includes support for A host of new cameras as well as new features, enhancements and bugs fixes. As always versions of Bibble 4.2 are  available in Pro and lite versions for Windows, Os X and Linux.
New cameras supported in 4.2 Include:
Nikon 8800, 8700, 8400 and the new D2X
Canon S60, S70 G6, Pro1 and the New Digital Rebel XT 350D
Olympus 8080 and E300 Evolt
Pentax *IST DS
Konica Minolta Maxxum 7D
Of particular note is the Nikon D2X. With this new camera Nikon has chosen to “Obscure” some of the data that is necessary for processing the raw files. This has resulted in most 3rd party solutions being unable to correctly render the cameras As-Shot white balance. Bibble Labs has successfully located and decoded this data allowing us to provide Full support for the D2X including correct application of camera white balance. As always, Bibble is the fastest way to process your raw files, and Bibble 4.2 will process D2X raw files in a fraction of the time taken by the Mfgrs own software, in particular on OS X.
We’ve received a lot of feedback since the release of Bibble 4.0 and have incorporated many of your suggestions and requests into 4.2 incuding, Enhanced Cropping, Support for output profiles, more hotkeys, midtone and contrast sliders, browser EXIF sorting, deferred preview generation for faster browsing and much more.
In addition to new features we’ve revised and tweaked our color pipeline to render even more accurate color than before. In particular we have modified our tonal mapping to produce mildly less contrasty images by default. This change also results in better holding of highlights as well less “flooring” of minor color components at the low end. If you preferred the more contrast output or 4.1/4.0 merely switching to the next highest selection for tone should put you back to where you like it.
Tethered shooting has also been updated to include support for the newer canons (1Ds2, 1D2, 20D) as well as the D2X. We are still having trouble with some of the canon drivers on the mac, and as such tethering will continue to not function for canon cameras on Os X.
Fully functioning trial versions may be download at our website at <> . As this is a fairly major update, we’ve reset the trial clock, so even if you’ve tried Bibble 4 in the past, this new version will grant you a new trial period. Like all 4.x updates, Bibble 4.2 is a free upgrade to exising owners of Bibble 4.x. New users may license Bibble Pro for $129 and Bibble Lite for $69
An extensive list of changes can be found at the bottom of this message.
As always, thank your for your continued support.
-The Bibble team

Bibble 4.2 Update 03/15/04
In Addition to many bug fixes, we've added a number of features and image quality enhancements that you have requester.
Added Full support for Nikon D2X including correct white balance.
Added support for Canon G6, Pro1, S60, S70 and Rebel XT 350D
Added support for the Minolta Maxxum 7D.
Added support for Pentax *ist DS
Added support for Olympus Evolt, C8080
Added Tethered shooting support for 20D, 1DM2 , 1DSM2  and D2X
Added menu items and hot keys for Temp/Tint Ctrl-F/G (Shift)
Added "(x of y items)" to the window title (for browsers)
Added option to histogram to show histogram for cropped area.
Added Ability to add an output profile, and tag/proof to it (Ie Printers)
Added Option to display composition lines while cropping with related preferences.
Added a button to rotate/crop tool for creating new crop sizes.
Added extension to "save settings" dialogs if none selected.
Added hotkeys to toggle full screen/preview image size
Added file type filtering when sending folders to work queues or print queues. This honors the current browser file filter. Batch filter is still done per the batch's configuration.
Added a list of recent browser and files to the File menu.
Added a list of open windows to the Window menu.
Added ability to modify current curve point with arrow keys.
Added Midtone/Gamma slider to curves.
Added/revisited Window menu functions.
Added ability to sort the browser by EXIF information (with a slight loading delay).
Added an option to the browser context menu for queuing/removing selected images from a work queue.
Added a button to thumb controls for queuing/removing the thumb from a work queue.
Added a "disk full" warning message when batching and saving images.
Added support for Raw+Jpeg files. When enabled all of the file and renaming operations work on the pair of files.
Added a tool button to pause/resume browser preview generation.
Added several browser optimizations and associated controls.
Added Crash reporting tool to send crash dump and relevant data to Bibble labs if a problem occurs.
Added a prompt to select what to do with work queue images that are not currently available (offline or deleted). They can be removed from the queue or not.
Added Mouse wheel for browser thumbs.
Change tone curves extremities for less clamping.
Changed mouse wheel while over slider to be small increment (SHIFT = large increment, CTRL = reverse context for serge)
Changed local settings filename to include original extension. dsc_0001.nef.bib
Changed thumbnail selection behavior on Windows.
Changed batches to flush settings before copying files via Copy Output. This way the latest version of the .bib file is copied.
Changed default name for "save settings" dialogs to current filename.
Changed behavior of White Balance options to remember the last Custom WB you used.
Changed windows thread priorities for better response in foreground, and less CPU hogging when in background.
Change Made to adjustments to prevent clipped highlights and loss of color components in saturated colors.
Re-enable sharpening for jpegs.
Sped up processing of images with custom WB, improved control responsiveness.
Sped up browser response when applying settings to multiple thumbs.
Fixed 8 bit import to Photoshop via plugin
Fixed problem with noise sliders on Macintosh (Funny colors)
Fixed problem with browser preview bar stalling.
Fixed crash in photoshop plugin.
Fixed problem with Yellow Highlight recovery regions.
Fixed Problem with .crw date/times with no .thm
Fixed problem with .crw autorotation
Fixed lack of speedy thumbnails for Oly E1 in browser.
Fixed negative numbers in RGB status display.
Fixed memory leak relating to settings windows.
Fixed problem causing Photoshop plug-in to always use standard Bibble folder location.
Fixed inability to export to external editor in 8 bit from the file menu.
Fixed a number of problems relating the Photoshop plug in.
Fixed problem with Olympus images looking odd initially with adjusted WB.
Fixed Crash when custom color profile was missing.
Fixed D1/x/h/100 Highlight recovery constants.
Fixed "Bibble Disappears Crash" with exif jpegs with Tiff/Oldjpeg thumbs
Fixed Permanent cats for jpegs from supported mfgrs, but unsupported camera.
Fixed Unicode directory names in browser.
Fixed a crash when editing rename formats in preferences.
Fixed a problem where a first image was selected but not highlighted.
Fixed a problem where an image remained open but disconnected when it was the last de-selected item in the browser.
Fixed problem causing black or dark bands in CRW Files.
Fixed a crash when double-clicking thumbnails.
Fixed problem when renaming to Unicode filenames.
Fixed a problem that prevented crop sizes from appearing when first running the program.
Fixed a problem the prevented crop sizes from appearing after reinstalling or recreating the bibble-user directory.
Fixed problem causing overwrite warning to not work sometimes.
Fixed problem causing Minolta thumbnails to not extract.
Fixed problem preventing Minolta A2 WB presets from not working (Green?)
Fixed tab-order in preferences panels.
Fixed a problem where some exif rename tags where blank.
Fixed a bug where custom sized batch images were the wrong size when originating from a portrait image.
Fixed extracting of Pentax Thumbnails.
Fixed a myriad of problem relating to Copy/Paste of WB settings.
Fixed problem with black point of *ist image with long exposure or Noise reduction.
Some highlights that need explaining for 4.2
Full D2X Support:
Bibble now includes full support for the D2X including tethering and correct application of as-shot white balance.
New code is in place to tame highlight clipping as well as provide smoother tonal transitions. Many color profiles were tweak to improve color, particualrly in shadow areas. As the tonal mapping is slightly different now, you may need to reconsider which tone curve you use by defualt as they are all slightly less contrasty now.
Settings Files:
To prevent confusion when jpegs and raw files "live" in the same folder, the scheme for naming of local bib files has been changed. In the past it was dsc_xxxx.bib now it includes the origianl extension as well and would be dsc_xxxx.nef.bib or dsc_xxxx.jpg.bib. Old files will still be loaded, however when saved the new format will be used.
By popular demand there is now an option to allow the mousewheel to scroll through images in the browse. Also as before, you can hover the mouse over slider controls and make image changes. The increments used have been decreased to make this more useful.
Improved browser previews:
A number of settings have been added to control the generation of previews. This will allow you to defer previewing for off screen items, or disable it all together in the interest of speed when culling files. A button has also been provided to toggle preview generation on the fly.
Output profiles:
You can now specify an output(ie printer) profile in the color management dialog. Images are converted to this space when saved and tagged with it. It is also used when proofing for display.
Overhauled system and added the ability to add new crop sizes from within the program.
Crash reporting:
While we have strived to make this release as stable as possible, should it crash on windows a new crash reporting dialog will popup and allow you to send us relevant details about the problem. By doing so you will help us to track problems down and fix them more quickly.
You must install the mfgrs drivers for your camera for tethering to function and not be running another tethering app.
To initiate tethering, connect your camera and turn it on. In Bibbe, make sure that your mfgrs' sdk is enabled on the tethering panel (Rerun after enabling), then from a browser click the [Capture] folder. if all is well, a camera icon will appear on the status bar and when you shoot the image will be delivered into the capture folder.
There are still problems with Mac/Canon tethering that we have yet to resolve. D100 Tethering does not function at this time either.
* Important Notes *
A change in internal data representation means that Click White samples from the older version are invalid. If you have an image with click white set, the color balance will be way off when first loaded. Reclick the image, or change to preset WB to fix.

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