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Canon announces EOS-1D  
Monday, September 24, 2001 | by
The long-awaited and much-anticipated Canon EOS-1D pro digital SLR has been announced. The camera, which blends EOS-1V shooting performance, a digital user interface modeled after the DCS 520/EOS D2000 and a sprinkling of EOS D30 design touches, is slated to ship in December at a US list price of US$6500.

Canon EOS-1D - front view (Zoom)

Canon EOS-1D - rear view (Zoom)

Canon EOS-1D Major Features

The EOS-1D's feature list is exhaustive; at least on paper, this is one complete camera. Major features include:

  • Core camera capabilities the same as the EOS-1V, including 45 point Area AF, reflex mirror with Active Mirror Control, 21 zone Evaluative Metering, full wireless E-TTL flash compatibility and more

  • Built for durability, from its magnesium alloy body and 150,000+ cycle carbon fiber shutter to its 1V-level weather sealing

  • Two full-resolution JPEG settings, in addition to one half-resolution setting, RAW and a RAW + JPEG combo. Ten-step tuning of JPEG compression possible

  • 4.48 million pixel Interline Transfer CCD generates JPEGs that open as 11.7MB 8 bits per colour files in Photoshop (4.06 million actual image pixels when camera set to Large/Fine or Large/Normal JPEG)

  • 4.48 million pixel Interline Transfer CCD generates finished files from RAW that open to 11.9MB 8 bits per colour files, or 23.8MB 16 bits per colour files, when processed through Canon software into Photoshop (4.15 million actual image pixels when camera set to RAW)

  • 12 bits per colour image capture (converted to 8 or 16 bits per colour, depending on file format and processing)

  • 1.3x focal length conversion (relative to 35mm format). The new 16-35 f/2.8 L USM lens takes in the equivalent of about a 21mm lens at its widest setting; a 14mm lens translates to about an 18mm

  • Standard ISO range of 200 - 1600 in 1/3, 1/2 or 1 stop increments. ISO 100 and ISO 3200 selectable via a Custom Function

  • Shutter lag rated at 55ms, same as EOS-1V; camera is "shooting priority" design

  • Top shutter speed of 1/16,000; top flash sync speed of 1/500 (and higher with E-TTL series strobes set to High Speed Sync)

  • Shoots at up to 8 fps, even when Predictive Focus Tracking. The frames per second rate adjustable, in 1 fps increments, between 1 fps and 8 fps

  • JPEG burst depth of 21 frames; 14 frames above ISO 800

  • RAW burst depth of 16 frames; 14 frames above ISO 800

  • Accepts a single CompactFlash Type I/II card, including the IBM Microdrive

  • Voice annotations; sound clips can be associated with any photo

  • 1-up, 4-up and 9-up image review, plus image info screen; no zoomed playback mode

  • Histogram and "Highlight Alert" indicator on rear LCD; blown highlights blink in both 1-up and image info views

  • Digital user interface operation similar to that of DCS 520/D2000

  • Extensive white balance options, including Hybrid Auto WB that makes its colour determination using combined measurements from an external sensor and the image data itself. In addition, users may dial in the exact colour temperature, in 100 Kelvin increments, between 2800 Kelvin and 10,000 Kelvin. Custom WB, 3 Personal WB settings and 6 presets - Tungsten, Fluorescent, Daylight, Flash, Overcast, Shade - round out the package

  • Five "Color Matrix" options, four that map colour within the sRGB colour space, and one within AdobeRGB

  • White Balance Bracketing and ISO Speed Bracketing, in addition to Exposure Bracketing

  • Optional long exposure noise reduction; kicks in at shutter speeds of 1/15 or longer

  • Store up to 3 additional image processing parameter sets in the camera, each containing the user's preferred combination for "gamma correction" (a tone curve plus optional global colour adjustment), sharpness and JPEG compression

  • 21 Custom Functions; 25 Personal Functions

  • Flexible folder naming and selection options

  • Powered by the 12v, 1650mAh NP-E3 battery pack or AC via DC Coupler Kit DCK-E1

  • Firmware may be updated by the end user, from a CompactFlash card

  • 400mbps FireWire interface; no video out or serial port for GPS

  • Software that includes a freshly-minted Canon Digital Camera Plug-in (Mac)/dual TWAIN drivers (Windows), Canon Remote Capture and Software Development Kits (SDKs) for both Mac and Windows developers (slated for release in 2002).

An in-depth preview of the EOS-1D, based on an opportunity to work with a prototype unit earlier this month, as well as briefings on the camera by Canon technical staff, may be found here. A separate story discusses EOS-1D software.

On Canon's BeBit web site you'll find EOS-1D product info, specifications, a downloadable leaflet on the camera and sample photos. Canon USA is planning to publish EOS-1D information at 9AM EDT Tuesday, September 25 at

Also unveiled is a new wide angle zoom, the Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L USM, and a twin-flash Speedlite, the MT-24EX.

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