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Bibble 2.4a for Windows posted  
Tuesday, December 19, 2000 | by
Bibble 2.4a for Windows fixes installation and rotation bugs that affected Bibble's Photoshop file format plug-in. Version 2.4a comes on the heels of v2.4, which was released on Sunday. A note from author Eric Hyman describes the changes in v2.4:

First off raw interpolation has been given a bit of an overhaul that should result in cleaner pictures with less fringing and cleaner transitions. This should also serve to tone down or elimate the green cast that some of you have perceived. The new method will take longer to operate, and this I have included an option to allow you to use the older fater method. It also will generate smoother fileds of color and will suppress noise in shadow or defocused areas.

Other big news is the ability to load Jpegs from the camera into photoshop via plugin using Bibble's options! If you open a jpeg in photoshop and Bibble detects that it is a D1 Native image (And you have Apply options to jpegs selected), then Bibble will apply its options to the photo at load.

Also if you have "preview options" selected, you will get the Bibble optiosn screen so that you can make further tweaks. If the file is a "normal" jpeg, then photoshop will load it normally.

Cropping has been added to the resample dialog, allowing you to trim your images down withing bibble. Probably in the next version resizing and cropping will also be available in batch.

Lastly (As far as D1 people go), I spent a good deal of time going through the code and cleaning things up. This should mean more stability and less memory problems. I won't claim that it will never happen again, but crash's should happen a lot less frequently. Some important bugs were also fixed relating to overwriting files in Tethered mode. This should not happen any longer (Sorry Bertho!) On the D30 Front, Improved support for raw .crw images is included. You can now use bibble to decode full size .crw's individually, in batches, or straight into photoshop using the plugin. Using photoshop, you don't have to "import", but instead can just use File:open just like any other file. This should make for better automation in Photoshop. I sitll need to work out the D30 Exif fields, and as such they aren't decoded in Bibble just yet.

One Exciting thing for D30 owners is that you can now also use Bibble's browser to instantly get 1/4 size previews of your D30 .crw files. Just click on an image in the browser and you will get the preview down below. As far as I know, this is now the best way possible to cull through your D30 Raw files .

Bibble also will now thumb and process .crw files even if the associated .thm file is missing. While Bibble will inteligentlly copy .crw's and .thms together, some apps won't, and canon's software gets quite picky about what files you have and where they are located. With Bibble, as long as you have the .crw you can process it just fine.

Version 2.4 Additions and Changes

  • *NEW* Ability to load D1 Jpegs in Photoshop using Bibble's options Just like .nefs
  • *NEW* Ability to load D30 .crw's in photoshop using Bibble's options.
  • *NEW* Improved interpolation method for better quality (less fringing, better color)
  • *NEW* D30 .crw files can be read and browsed even without the .thm files.
  • Added Cropping to resample dialog. (Will add to batches later) Fixed problem with Tethered Numbering.
  • Fixed problem with Tethered File overwriting.
  • Fixed Colorspace problem with saving 8-tibt tiffs.
  • Fixed crash with invalid monitor profiles.
  • Fixed problems leading to occasional inconsistant options.
  • Fixed Crash with Monitor mode. Disallow monitor entry by typing. Enable selection anytime.
  • Fixed a variety of small memory leaks that could add up to a crash with big batches.
  • Fixed a few crashes related to the noise options.
  • Fixed crash loacing .crw if .thm was not present.
  • D30: Instant previews for crw Files.
  • Fixed problem with D30 batches being black with preview off.
  • Fixed File operations on .crw files (Copy, Move, etc) also effect .thm files

Bibble 2.4a for Windows is a free update from previous versions. A ten day trial version of the US$99 application for processing D1 and D30 files is also available. Hyman indicates he will not be answering email or processing registration requests while on vacation from December 23 through January 1.

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