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Canon releases firmware v1.1.3 for EOS-1D Mark III  
Tuesday, November 27, 2007 | by Rob Galbraith

Sharpen Up: Canon EOS-1D Mark III with firmware v1.1.3 (Photo by Rob Galbraith/Little Guy Media)

Canon has released firmware v1.1.3 for the EOS-1D Mark III. The new version of firmware includes two autofocus-related changes designed to improve the camera's AI Servo focus accuracy, speeds up writing to SD cards and fixes several bugs.
Changes to the camera's autofocus algorithm included in firmware v1.1.3, relative to v1.1.0, are:
  • Improved autofocus tracking when shooting outdoors in bright environments

  • Improved autofocus tracking when photographing low-contrast subjects
The soon-to-be-published next installment of our EOS-1D Mark III autofocus analysis article will include coverage of and downloadable sequences taken with the new firmware, which we've been trying out for several days.
The full list of changes, as described on the firmware download page, are:
Q : What has been changed in version 1.1.3 of the firmware?
A : It includes the following improvements and fixes:
  1. Increases transmission speed when using high-speed SD cards.

    Through the efforts to accelerate transmission, the speed of writing images to or reading images from high-speed SD cards is made faster.

    *Depending on the SD cards you use, there may be no difference.

  2. Fixes a phenomenon involving not being able to release the shutter.

    Depending on the timing at which the AF-ON button and shutter release button are pressed, in rare cases the shutter could not be released; but this phenomenon has been fixed.

  3. Improves AF tracking in specific conditions.
    a) Improves AF tracking when shooting outdoors in bright environments.
    b) Improves AF tracking of low-contrast subjects.

    *The improvements described in a) have been incoporated since Firmware Version 1.1.1.
    The improvements described in b) are new to Firmware Version 1.1.3.

  4. Corrects errors in the Spanish and Korean menu screens.

    There were errors in the Spanish wording of some of the C.Fn items and in the wording of messages that appear in Korean during firmware updates, but those have been corrected.

    *The errors described above that appear in Korean during firmware updates will be corrected after this update is completed.
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