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Price of Nikon D2H plummets in USA  
Monday, December 13, 2004 | by Rob Galbraith

The price of the Nikon D2H appears to have dropped to less than US$2000 this morning in the U.S.

While we've not received official confirmation from Nikon USA yet, we have heard from three reputable U.S. dealers of Nikon pro gear. Each indicates that the street price of the camera - complete with battery, charger and other basic accessories - is now about US$1999 or thereabouts, down from US$3000-US$3200 just last week.

This has not been described to the dealers as a temporary sale, but rather its apparently the new price for Nikon's 4MP digital SLR from here on in. In other words, Nikon USA is effectively charging the dealers much less for the D2H now, which in turn means a lower selling price to the customer.

This is for full Nikon USA warranty product, not gray market goods.

As of this writing, most or all major U.S. online retailers haven't yet updated their web sites to reflect the price change. A posting by Jeff Snyder of Penn Camera on the Sports Shooter site, however, does sync with what we've been told by other retailers directly over the weekend.

Update, 2PM MT: We've learned from Nikon Canada that the price of the D2H has not been lowered north of the U.S. border today, though the suggested list price (MSRP) for the D2H did drop about CDN$300 at the beginning of December 2004.

Update, December 14, 2004: Steve Heiner, Director of Digital SLR Systems and Professional Products at Nikon USA, has now confirmed that the price of the D2H was officially lowered yesterday. The new minimum advertised price (MAP) for a D2H kit in the U.S. is US$1999.95. Heiner describes the new price for Nikon's 4MP, 8 fps digital SLR as "an opportunity to get an incredible camera at an incredible price."

He further stressed that the camera is not discontinued in the U.S. market. That said, a huge price drop like this almost certainly means the camera's days are numbered, so if you've been waiting to buy a new D2H in the U.S., now is probably the the time.

Note that almost all of the major U.S. pro photo retailer web sites we checked this morning have been updated to show a price of US$1999 or thereabouts for a D2H kit.

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