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Adobe purchases Pixmantec's "technology assets"  
Monday, June 26, 2006 | by Rob Galbraith

Adobe has purchased the "technology assets" of Pixmantec, maker of the Windows-only RAW workflow application RawShooter, and plans to "integrate Pixmantec raw processing technologies into Lightroom(tm) and wherever customers will be working with raw files" says a press release.

RawShooter | premium will be discontinued as soon as distributor obligations are met; as of this writing, it's still available for download and purchase from the Pixmantec web site as well. RawShooter | essentials will remain available only until shortly after Adobe's Lightroom is out of beta and is officially released. No further camera compatibility updates are planned for either RawShooter version, and technical support for RawShooter will be primarily or exclusively through a section in the Adobe user-to-user forums starting sometime in the near future.

Licensed users of RawShooter | premium will be offered an upgrade path to "the Adobe digital imaging product family," though it's not clear which Adobe product or products will be eligible for purchase at a reduced price, or when. 

A FAQ on the acquisition suggests that Kenneth Tang Laerke and Michael Jonsson, who left the Capture One group at Phase One to found Pixmantec, may both be taking up employment with Adobe as part the deal.

Thanks to Andreas Szekacs for bringing this to our attention.

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