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CanCount updated to v1.32  
Wednesday, May 17, 2006 | by Mike Sturk
CanCount, a program designed to display metadata from inside Canon 1-series digital camera RAW and JPEG files, has been updated to v1.32.

An email from developer Wolfram Söns describes the changes in both Mac and Windows versions of the application:

- Fix the problem that user can change Custom-Function settings on screen
- Fix the problem that parts of menu appeared in German Language even on English Operating Systems  
- Fix of typos [Model, Focal Length, Lens Type, FlashMode…]
- Thumbnail Window can be closed with menu *and* Close-Box  
- Layout   
- 35mm Equivalent of Focal Length is shown


If you're a licensed user of the software and haven't yet received the update by email, contact Söns directly. A feature-limited trial version of CanCount 1.32 is also available.

For more information on CanCount, see our May 2, 2006 article entitled Tools we like: CanCount 1.31.

Update, January 16, 2009: CanCount appears to be no longer available.


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