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DSLR Camera Remote HD submitted to the App Store  
Tuesday, February 1, 2011 | by Rob Galbraith
DSLR Camera Remote HD for Apple's iPad is just about available. The first iPad-native version of onOne Software's Canon/Nikon camera remote control and remote viewing app has been submitted to the App Store, along with a new version of DSLR Camera Remote for the iPhone and iPod touch. The timing of their release will be dictated by how efficiently they move through Apple's approval process.

The screenshots below show an early beta version of DSLR Camera Remote HD in action. While similar to the existing DSLR Camera Remote for the iPhone and iPod touch, DSLR Camera Remote HD sports an interface that has been reworked for the iPad's 9.7 inch screen plus it incorporates a smoother gesture-based zoom, with panning, the ability to start, stop and monitor video with certain video-capable digital SLRs as well as an option to save photos to the iPad's Photos app (at up to 2048 pixels in the longest dimension).

Roll your cursor over the buttons beneath the photo to navigate.

Live View
Auto Bracket
onOne has synchronized the version numbers for both DSLR Camera Remote and DSLR Camera Remote HD; both will be released as v1.4. Both apps support the same range of Canon and Nikon digital SLRs too, up to and including the EOS 60D and D7000, and will require the same DSLR Camera Remote Server v1.4 companion application for Mac and Windows. That will come as a separate download from onOne's website (as of this writing the server version available for download is still v1.3.2).

Ready to Serve: DSLR Camera Remote Server 1.4 for Mac

DSLR Camera Remote HD for the iPad will be US$49.99 from Apple's App Store. DSLR Camera Remote 1.4 will be a free update for existing DSLR Camera Remote users, or US$19.99 for a new purchase. Unlocking the video functionality will be US$9.99 (this applies only to DSLR Camera Remote; DSLR Camera Remote HD will include the video features in its US$49.99 price tag).
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