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FotoStation updates builds  
Friday, August 31, 2001 | by
Gerlo Beernink notes that the image management application FotoStation Pro 4.5 for Mac and Windows is now at Build 119. FotoStation 4.5 (non-Pro) has also been updated, to Build 118. Fotoware's Anders Bergman indicates that the following changes have been made in recent revisions of FotoStation 4.5:

Build 112 JPEG quality levels are more closely matched to Photoshop's.

Build 113 Nikon Raw (NEF) files supported with thumbnail,preview and Edit. IPTC in resource. New Web wizard option to use real image names on thumbnail jpegs.

Build 114 IPTC sometimes lost when renaming images is fixed. Thumbnails and previews with rare decoding errors in the bottom area fixed. JFIF resolution value updated in JPEG files. Special IPTC-Only tag in TIFF files is read. This is for non-Photoshop generated files.

Build 116 Problems with zero byte EPS files fixed.

Build 117 Exif info fields missing problem solved. Slide show from Offline resources does not require access to hi-res image.

Build 118 Fixed Quicktime bug causing RGB Tiff files to be opened as Grayscale. (Mac only) Show state of Palette windows in Edit are preserved between sessions. Scaling of histogram improved. Fixed problems with EXIF (Camera) info copied from previous image in text edit. Exif GPS info copied to Original Transmission Ref.

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