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Microsoft releases Color Control Panel applet  
Saturday, October 29, 2005 | by Rob Galbraith

Microsoft has released the Color Control Panel applet, a freeware add-on for Windows XP that provides a one-stop shop for performing basic colour management tasks such as installing and uninstalling profiles, setting the default monitor profile and renaming profiles with the ability to synchronize both the internal name and file name. It also enables the changing of the monitor profile without having to subsequently run a separate utility (such as GretagMacbeth's Calibration Loader) to load the profile's look-up table (LUT) into the video card, as this task is performed by the applet.

Once installed, A new icon, Color, appears in the Windows Control Panel.

As we noted in an earlier article, Color Control Panel PowerToy being readied for release, the Color Control Panel applet has been developed by Microsoft's Rich Media Group (RMG). Unlike previous freeware offerings produced by RMG, they've dispensed with a Microsoft convention of calling such releases PowerToys, and are instead referring to it as an applet. Like PowerToys, the Color Control Panel applet has been through the company's quality assurance process but is provided without technical support.

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