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Quantum announces Qflash TRIO Basic for Canon and Nikon  
Monday, February 14, 2011 | by Rob Galbraith
Quantum has announced a lower-cost version of its Qflash TRIO shoe mount flash. Called the Qflash TRIO Basic, the TTL-capable unit is available in versions for both Canon or Nikon digital SLRs and lacks only the built-in FreeXwire wireless radio of the original Qflash TRIO (which is not discontinued).

The U.S. street price for the Qflash TRIO Basic is about US$645, or about US$230 less than the going rate for the Qflash TRIO.

Qflash Lite: The Quantum Qflash TRIO Basic. Click to enlarge (Photo courtesy Quantum)

A Qflash TRIO Basic can be upgraded later to a full-fledged TRIO for a cost of US$250.

More information is in the press release below.

Press Release

New!  Quantum Qflash TRIO “BASIC”

  1. Camera Hot Shoe Mounted Speedlite
  2. built-in TTL dedicated camera adapter
  3. Qflash studio quality light
  4. New lower priced version of TRIO        

The new Qflash TRIO “BASIC” is a more affordable speedlite.  It includes Qflash TRIO features, full TTL dedication for Nikon and Canon DSLR’s, High Speed Sync, without a built-in FreeXwire TTL radio.  Slip it onto the camera hot-shoe, connect any Turbo, and shoot flash photos non-stop, 24 hours-a-day without slowing down or overheating.

Pros worldwide depend on Qflash for high quantity rapid flash firing….standing up to intensive assignments that leave other shoe-mounts gasping.  Now, get Qflash rugged reliability in a lower cost version of a shoe-mount TRIO.  And, if you ever want to upgrade to the full version Qflash TRIO, you can do so for $250.

Qflash TRIO “BASIC” has many of the same functions as other Qflash models including:  Manual, Auto, Auto-Fill, TTL, and Program (Pre-Sets) Modes.  TRIO “ BASIC” is also powered by Quantum’s line of Turbo battery packs.

 TRIO “BASIC” Features

  • Compact, shoe-mount Qflash with High Speed Sync capabilities.
  • TRIO QF8NB for Nikon cameras, QF9CB for Canon cameras.
  • Unlimited rapid fire of full power flashes.
  • Removable long and short power cords.
  • User replaceable flash tube.
  • Removable reflector, barebulb flash capable.
  • Wide variety of light modifiers available

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