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Giga Vu Pro evolution upgraded to Giga Vu extreme  
Wednesday, October 17, 2007 | by Rob Galbraith
The Giga Vu PRO evolution has evolved. Now called the Giga Vu extreme, the new version of the full-featured photo storage device adds support for Jobo's photoGPS, is available in capacities of 80GB, 120GB and 160GB (up from 40GB, 80GB and 120GB) and now includes an SD/SDHC adapter in the box.
More Better: The Jobo Giga Vu extreme, with its included cover (Photo courtesy Jobo)
Jobo has so far announced the Giga Vu extreme only in its home market of Germany, where it's now beginning to ship. In that country, manufacturer's suggested list prices have been set at €599 for the 80GB, €699 for the 120GB and €849 for the 160GB. An English-language announcement with pricing and worldwide availability information is expected towards the end of this month, says Jobo PR representative Annika Hummerich.
A rough translation of the German press release is below.

Press Release

New JOBO GIGA Vu extreme Pro Photo Storage Device
CF and SD/SDHC compatible - up to 160GB hard disk - compatible with JOBO photoGPS
Gummersbach. Compact, sturdy and highly functional: The new mobile Photo-PC JOBO GIGA Vu extreme is the successor to the award-winning GIGA Vu PRO evolution, and offers some new functions. In addition to the card slot for CF, also included is an adapter for SD/SDHC for fast image and data transmission. GIGA Vu extreme is available with disk capacity from 80 GB to 160 GB and is compatible with the new JOBO photoGPS.

GIGA Vu extreme is a compact alternative to a notebook for large quantities of photos, videos, audio and other files. Transfer speeds of up to 1GB in 2 minutes from the camera memory card to the device is assured. A bright (280 cd/m2) and large (3.7") VGA display allows an extremely comfortable assessment and viewing of pictures without a PC, with excellent quality.

After copying the selected data on the GIGA Vu extreme starts, if necessary, a verify process to ensure that a successful copying from the memory card to the hard drive has occurred. GIGA Vu extreme shows not only a preview of digital images, but can also decode over 100 RAW formats. In addition to the automatic display of highlights, the GIGA Vu extreme offers a tonal representation of the RGB channels.

The Photo-PC also offers many more photo professional functions, for example detection of dust on the sensor of a DSLR, the JD Loupe image magnifier, and WiFi/WLAN compatibility. Data from other devices, such as a digital camera, a camcorder, MP3 player or another hard drive can be transferred via the USB-OTG port.

The GIGA Vu extreme is perfectly combined with the JOBO photoGPS. Data from the photoGPS can be saved alongside photos from the memory card. This compilation of the data simplifies the process of reunification of image and GPS Data on the PC.

GIGA Vu extreme is available from mid-October at the following prices (MSRP): €599 (80 GB), €699 (120 GB) and €849 (160 GB).
Specifications at a glance:
--3.7" color VGA display (640 x 480)
--80-160 GB hard drive
--Adjustable brightness, 280 candela/mē
--Card slot for CF I/II, MD
--SD, SDHC (with the supplied adapter)
--Exchangeable Li-Ion battery
--WiFi/WLAN compatible
--2 USB ports (1 x USB 2.0, 1 x USB 2.0 OTG)
--Size: 145 x 107 x 38mm
--Weight: 420g
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