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Hasselblad releases Mac public beta of Phocus software  
Friday, March 14, 2008 | by Rob Galbraith
Hasselblad has released a public beta of Phocus, its next generation browsing and RAW conversion software for files shot with Hasselblad digital cameras and Hasselblad/Imacon digital backs. While the program will ultimately ship for both Windows and Mac, Phocus 1.0b11 appears to be available for Mac only and requires OS X 10.5 to run.

To download Phocus 1.0b11 for Mac and, optionally, a folder of Hasselblad RAW files to test the program's GPS features, log into Hasselblad's FTP server.

(If the FTP server link above doesn't work in your browser, or you're unable to download files once connected, you may need to switch to a dedicated FTP client such as Transmit for Mac. If so, use the follow login information: FTP: User: PhocusDemo Password: HB-invention)

The Phocus download includes a 36-page draft of the manual and a Read Me that lists the program's known issues. Note that Hasselblad FlexColor must be installed as well for the Phocus beta to have the ICC profiles it requires for proper operation, and that to download the latest version of FlexColor you must have a Hasselblad website user account.

More information on Phocus can be found via the following links, and in the public beta announcement below.

Welcome to Phocus for Mac
We are pleased to release this Demonstration Version of Phocus for open use outside of Hasselblad.

Our goals with this Demonstration Version are two-fold:

1. We would like to give you a tool to show and demonstrate Hasselblad digital camera solutions with maximum impact.

2. We would like to give you the opportunity to show Phocus and offer Phocus for those of your customers who have been patiently waiting for so long.

By spending just a brief time to get acquainted with Phocus, it is our belief that you will quickly recognize the ease of use, and modern look and feel. We trust that this together with the Phocus functionality shall position you favorably against the competition.

When checking out Phocus, please notice:

- The ultimate quality of the processed images including corrections for DAC, Color, and Moiré

-"What you see is what you get" quality of the image in the Viewer matching what you see in Photoshop

- The powerful camera controls, including new tools for remote focusing when working tethered

- The workflow flexibility based upon the multitude of GUI layout options

- Metadata including full IPTC Core and GPS coordinates from Hasselblad Global Image Locator linking straight into Google Earth

- Leading edge technology with new Moiré filter working on raw image data

We have had Phocus out for testing in relative closed circles for the past 2 months, and we have tuned the software and corrected a number of bugs. This however does not mean that Phocus is completely bug-free. Please check the read-me file for details and do not use Phocus for the first huge and vitally important production job.

IMPORTANT: Hardware requirements and Compatibility
Please refer to the Phocus manual page 1-2 for details.

To get a copy of Phocus, please download from our ftp site as follows:
User: PhocusDemo
Password: HB-invention

Installation: simply drag the supplied Phocus application into the Applications folder.

Please note that currently you will need to have FlexColor installed on the same Mac in order to have access to the necessary ICC profiles. In order to take advantage of the latest firmware updates for your camera system we recommend that you have the latest version of FlexColor installed-v4.8.4.

At the ftp site you will also find a set of demo image files with GPS coordinates. Try them out with the "Image Map" functionality and Google Earth.

Best regards,

Jack Showalter
Hasselblad USA

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