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Latest revisions of QImage Pro beef up D1 functionality  
Monday, September 11, 2000 | by
Peter Ibbotson notes that QImage Pro author Mike Chaney has released a new version of QImage Pro. Version 9.1 of the batch printing and image processing application for Windows includes significant improvements to the D1 functionality. Recent changes include:
  • New Exposure compensation filter. Similar in function to a similar feature in Bibble/MacBibble as well as software for processing Kodak digital camera images, QImage Pro's D1 exposure compensation filter provides an opportunity to fix even serious exposure mistakes, as long as the photo was shot in the D1's RAW (.NEF) format.

  • New white balance filter. Similar in function to the click balance tool in Kodak's acquire software, a D1 RAW photo may be neutralized by selecting an area of the photo that should be neutral. QImage Pro also offers the ability to enter "bias" values for the red and green channels to manually neutralize the image.

  • Unsharp masking of D1 files in 16 bits per channel space. For critical applications, sharpening a photo in 16 bits per channel space, instead of the customary 8 bits per channel space, results in a small but noticeable improvement in the appearance of sharpened D1 photos. QImage Pro's unsharp mask filter works really well.

  • New colour fringing filter. Aimed more at amateur digital cameras, the colour fringing filter cleans up errant coloured pixels along certain contrast edges in photos.

While I prefer the warm, pleasing skin tones of Bibble/MacBibble's Old CC Method of processing D1 RAW (.NEF) files, some D1 shooters swear by the US$30 QImage Pro because of its approach to producing colour-accurate photos. If you want the best colour from D1 RAW and D1 JPEG files that QImage Pro can provide, be sure to check out the US$12.99 Nikon D1 Color Profile Plugin as well.

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