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Lowepro adds SlingShot 300 AW to its line of sling bags  
Monday, December 4, 2006 | by Eamon Hickey

Sling Bag: The Lowepro SlingShot 300AW. (Photo courtesy Lowepro)

Lowepro has recently announced the SlingShot 300 AW, the third model in its SlingShot line of sling-style camera bags. The 300 AW is the largest of the lineup and is designed to carry a pro SLR body (or two) with five or six lenses, plus accessories. (The previously available models are the 200 AW, and the 100 AW.)

The basic design notion behind the SlingShot bags is that they work much like a backpack in "carry mode", but they can be swung around to the front of your body in "ready mode", allowing quick access to your gear without removing the bag.

We've been using a SlingShot 100 AW for about a month and find that, in fact, this works fairly nicely - the bag combines much of the carrying convenience of a backpack with a fair degree of the working efficiency of a shoulder bag or waistpack.

Like the other SlingShot AW bags, the 300 AW includes a built-in media card pouch and an all-weather rain cover. Because of its larger capacity, the 300 AW also has a built-in waist belt to help with weight distribution, and it features a quick pull handle for easier rotation. Both Lowepro's SlingShot line and Think Tank Photo's rotation360 (which we've recently covered here) represent interesting alternatives to more-traditional gear carrying methods.

The SlingShot 300 AW is shipping now, and is selling for about US$100 at one major U.S. online retailer.

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