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For the news photographer that has everything: The War Journalist action figure  
Thursday, July 28, 2005 | by Rob Galbraith

If you've been searching for the perfect gift for the news photographer in your life, search no more.

In the fall of 2004, Chrono Toys released War Journalist, a 1:6 scale action figure complete with a realistic-looking Canon 1-series SLR camera, three interchangeable Canon lenses, body armour, photo vest, ballistic helmet, ID card holder, handheld GPS unit, laptop and more.

The fully-articulated action figure, part of the company's Chronicle Collectibles line, is available widely from online retailers for about US$60. A recent eBay auction (with lots of pictures) for a War Journalist saw the bidding top out at US$107.50.

Action-HQ has an interview with one of the designers of the War Journalist, who says the 12-inch tall replica was "inspired by a friend of mine who was a freelance photographer providing battlefield shots for various press agencies."

The War Journalist action figure (Photo courtesy Chrono Toys)

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