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Kodak acquire v5.9.3, firmware v3.2.2 coming this month  
Tuesday, July 4, 2000 | by
Version 5.9.3 of Kodak's acquire software for Mac and Windows will fix an incompatibility between current pro cameras and the built-in FireWire ports on G3 Powerbooks, as well as add support for Sony VAIO laptops with built-in FireWire (i.Link, in Sony-speak) ports.

For optimal FireWire performance, Kodak recommends that users upgrade their camera to firmware v3.2.2 at the same time. Version 5.9.3 of Kodak's acquire software will not connect to a camera over FireWire that has a firmware version installed older than v3.0.

A bug that prevented exposure compensation from sometimes being applied to older firmware photos is also fixed in v5.9.3.

The updated acquire software and firmware are slated for posting on Kodak's web site the week of July 17. Kodak is expected to announce the availability of their kit for image transmission directly from the DCS 520, DCS 620, DCS 620x and EOS D2000 shortly after that.

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