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Hacked Canon EOS 5D Mark II firmware to add video mode features  
Monday, May 25, 2009 | by Rob Galbraith
An enterprising Canon EOS 5D Mark II owner claims to be nearing completion of hacked firmware that changes the behaviour of the camera's video mode. Once loaded, says Trammell Hudson, it disables the 5D Mark II's automatic audio gain function and displays an audio level meter on the rear LCD.

The video below, which appears authentic, shows an EOS 5D Mark II displaying a simple audio level indicator at the top of the rear LCD.

Audiophile: A video showing an EOS 5D Mark II hacked to display a simple audio level meter while in the camera's video mode (Video by Trammell Hudson)

In a posting in the Cinema5D forums, Hudson indicates that he intends to release the firmware at some near-future point, once he has "verified the behaviour with good mics" and also gotten confirmation from a lawyer that he can legally make it available, though he indicates that it's "a 'clean room' / 'black box' reverse engineering effort and as such should be ok."

More information is in the following Cinema5D threads:
Thanks to Jeff Whelan for bringing this to our attention.
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