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YouSendIt expands to include online folder syncing and sharing  
Tuesday, July 26, 2011 | by Rob Galbraith
YouSendIt, a popular service for distributing large files - and the outfit we've depended on for years to deliver gigabytes worth of pictures at a time to photo buyers - is expanding its service to include online folder syncing and sharing features similar in concept to Dropbox.

In Sync: Sharing an online folder (Screenshot courtesy YouSendIt)

Going forward, YouSendIt will offer three cloud-enabled tiers, all of which include the ability to send large files, sync and share online folders and - in a novel twist - electronically sign documents through the service too. The three tiers break down as follows:
  • Lite Send files up to 50MB, 2GB of storage for sharing/syncing, 5 document signings
  • Pro Send files up to 2GB, 5GB of storage for sharing/syncing, 10 document signings
  • Pro Plus Send files up to 2GB, unlimited storage for sharing/syncing, unlimited document signings
A Lite account is free. Pro is US$9.99/month or US$99.99/year. Pro Plus is US$14.99/month or US$149.99/year.

All three accounts include use of YouSendIt through a web browser as well as dedicated apps for Windows, Mac and iPhone, though it will take some time for all of these access methods to support YouSendIt's new cloud abilities. As of today, online syncing and sharing is possible through a browser, a beta application for Windows and the YouSendIt iPhone app. The company plans to release an update to their Mac desktop application, a native iPad app (the iPhone app can be used in the interim) and a solution for Android by the end of September.

Third party developers will be able to integrate the new cloud features into their products through APIs. Those are expected to be in place by the end of the year.

More information is in the press release below.

Press Release

First cloud collaboration service to offer integrated approach for
sending, sharing & signing documents online, with unlimited storage

CAMPBELL, Calif., July 26, 2011 – YouSendIt, Inc., a leader in cloud-based collaboration services, today significantly expands its services for an increasingly distributed and mobile workforce, meaningfully addressing the need for professionals to get business done online.  Building on its current leadership in sending and tracking business content online, YouSendIt becomes the first cloud collaboration service to offer integrated tools for sending, sharing and signing business content online – anywhere, anytime.

The expanded services enable YouSendIt users to:
·         Save and sync content in the cloud with unlimited storage.
·         Access files and folders in the cloud anywhere, anytime via desktop or mobile devices.
·         Collaborate with co-workers and business partners through secure file and folder sharing.
·         Securely send and track business content.
·         Review and sign business documents online at a desk or on the go.

YouSendIt’s new features leverage the opportunities and benefits of cloud-based collaboration – including scalability, ease of use and cost effectiveness.  The introduction builds on the company’s accelerating growth, evidenced by 32 million unique users in the last 12 months, 20 million registered users and 450,000 paid subscribers.

Built upon YouSendIt’s proven and proprietary cloud-computing environment, the company’s product offering combines scalability, reliability, security with unparalleled ease of use, allowing customers to continue to work within familiar OS platforms and applications on traditional and mobile computing devices.

“YouSendIt is how business gets done online,” said Ivan Koon, the company’s chief executive officer.   “Now more than ever, professionals need solutions that help them efficiently manage the flow of important business content.  The new YouSendIt builds on our leadership in secure file sharing, makes it easier to access and sign off on critical content, and shapes the way work will get done in the future.”

Today’s introduction significantly advances the company’s three-pronged growth strategy: building a large, satisfied user base chosen by millions of individual professionals; translating fast-growing individual adoption into company-wide deployments; and expanding the YouSendIt service with valuable, adjacent features and enterprise-grade solutions.

“Collaborative applications represent the fundamental tools for people and organizations to not only communicate, but also get business done,” said Erin Traudt, research director for IDC’s Enterprise Collaboration and Social Solutions Practice.  “In today’s highly connected and mobile business environment, corporations and individual users need a seamless way to share and collaborate around documents without worrying about storage, security and access.”

The market for YouSendIt’s service is large.  Independent research firm IDC estimates that the worldwide collaborative applications market will approach $14 billion in 2015[i].  YouSendIt generated revenue of approximately $25 million in 2010, a 60 percent increase over the prior year, and revenue growth is accelerating in 2011.  By contrast, available data shows peer companies in the software as a service (SaaS) category grew by an aggregate 30 percent last year.

YouSendIt seamlessly integrates array of user features within a single product suite

With an intuitive user interface, files are sent with drag-and-drop simplicity.  Information moves with the user, with access anytime, anywhere via the desktop, Web or mobile devices.

YouSendIt drives productivity by ensuring collaboration is built around the latest version of critical content, with changes to files and folders instantly updated and synced across all devices.  Documents – as well as still images and motion files – can be saved from a PC or mobile device into the YouSendIt cloud folder and are instantly available on any device.

YouSendIt also allows for multiple levels of sharing permission – read and write, read only and read only without login.  Users receive real-time notification on shared folder activities and real-time synchronization across all devices.    

YouSendIt’s signature feature facilitates annotations and legal signatures via mouse or mobile touch screen on a variety of document formats including, Microsoft Word and Excel and Adobe PDF.  It eliminates the common need to print, sign, copy and fax documents and allows signature functionality anywhere via the desktop, Web or mobile devices.  Signed documents can be saved, sent and shared with one click.  The signature feature builds on the company’s January acquisition of Zosh, a provider of innovative mobile electronic signature services.

Availability and Pricing

YouSendIt is now available through a Web app, mobile apps for iPhone and iPad downloadable from the Apple iTunes store and a desktop app for Windows OS.  Mac and Android compatibility are scheduled for release in the next several months.

A tiered pricing structure offers three levels of service – Lite (free), Pro ($9.99 a month) and Pro Plus ($14.99 a month) – with unlimited file storage.

About YouSendIt

YouSendIt, Inc. is the first cloud collaboration service to offer an integrated approach for sending, sharing and signing documents online.  With over 20 million registered users in 193 countries, YouSendIt helps enterprises and business professionals streamline collaboration by enabling them to instantly sync and access content in the cloud and easily send files, share folders, and sign documents from anywhere—the desktop, Web or mobile devices. YouSendIt offers a suite of productivity tools that integrate seamlessly into common desktop and mobile environments.  With YouSendIt, companies can alleviate ever-expanding email inboxes and overages, improving performance and productivity while reducing costs and IT security risks. Headquartered in Campbell, Calif., YouSendIt is a privately held company backed by venture capital firms Adams Street Partners, Alloy Ventures, Emergence Capital, Sevin Rosen and Sigma Partners. Visit or the YouSendIt blog for more information.

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