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Filter released for Cumulus 5  
Wednesday, November 15, 2000 | by
Canto this summer released a filter for Cumulus 5 that enables the cataloging of Kodak DCS camera RAW files, complete with shooting information and associated voice annotations. To locate information on the filter on Canto's web site, click on Products, then click on Options. Note that while the new Kodak DCS filter is described as "free" in a press release and on the Canto web site, there is also listed a US$69.95 charge to license the filter for batch-cataloging purposes. It's not clear to me what the free version doesn't do, then, and as I seemingly can't get my copy of Cumulus 5 to recognize the new filter, I'm unable to test it out. I'll check this out with Canto and update this page if/when I have an explanation. To download the free version, click Try on the Canto web site page describing the filter, fill out the demo form, then download and install the filter. If anyone is using this filter successfully, please let me know.
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