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Photosmith for iPad updated to v1.1  
Wednesday, September 28, 2011 | by Rob Galbraith
Photosmith v1.1, an update of the app for Apple's iPad that allows sorting, rating, captioning and keywording of pictures on the go, and then later syncing those pictures and metadata to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, is now available. The new version addresses several bugs, improves stability, introduces compatibility with the upcoming iOS 5 and more.

The full list of stated changes is below.

What's New in Version 1.1

-- New Features --
Added automatic detection if there are problem images that turns off auto importing to prevent repeated crashes--gives you the chance to find the problem image and keep using the app
Added setting to manually import photos on demand instead everytime the app is opened
Added setting to skip pre-generation of preview images
Added setting to include iTunes synced albums in Photosmith
Added RAF and NRW raw file support
Added XMP export option to Dropbox (provides rudimentary support for non-Lightroom asset managers)
Added automatic backups of the core database and a manual recovery option in case of data loss
Added ability to enable app logging for support purposes
Added baseline sync engine support for upcoming reverse sync functionality
Added functionality to mark items as Rejected in Copy Name, for advanced sync images

-- Bug Fixes & Other Improvements --
Fixed rotation of photos to all Send To destinations
Improved file transfer speed and progress reporting during Lightroom Sync
Now able to use iOS pregenerated thumbnails under iOS 5.0+ (import speed improvement)
Fixed sharing selected images now uses the sort order instead of random order
Fixed a regression from the previous version where fast previews weren't used in Loupe & Fullscreen views
Fixed bug where Send To from the Last Imported collection always sent all images instead of only selected ones
Fixed bug where user collections would sometimes show images that had been deleted from the iPad
Switching collections in Grid view now 60% milliseconds faster
Speed optimizations to startup - particularly for users with a large number of images on their iPad
Fixed bug where large user collections wouldn't sync

Photosmith v1.1 is available from the iTunes App Store on your computer, or through the App Store on the iPad and iPad 2.
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