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Photo Mechanic 4.01 for Windows posted  
Tuesday, May 20, 2003 | by Rob Galbraith

Photo Mechanic 4.0.1 for Windows fixes a bug that, in rare circumstances, could lead to the corruption of a picture file. The Read Me accompanying the new release describes the problem:

Fixed a problem when JPEGs are edited then resaved by a separate application (e.g. Photoshop) while Photo Mechanic is browsing the photos. Subsequent caption editing in Photo Mechanic would cause corruption of the image unless the contact sheet containing the image was closed and then re-opened.

In addition to the file corruption fix, the v4.0.1 Read Me notes these changes:

  • Added Export Text and Export XML functions.
  • Added ability to choose the colors for the contact sheet and preview windows.
  • Added preference panel for exporting and importing settings like copy and rename options and the IPTC menus. These settings are saved in an XML-formatted file with the filename extension “.XPM”.
  • Added an option to ingest only tagged (locked) photos from a card. This is great for photographers who shoot a lot of photos and have time to tag photos in the camera (e.g. sports photography).
  • Fixed problems reading improperly formatted JPEG files that have a header (very uncommon).
  • Fixed problems selecting tagged photos.
  • Fixed problems with skipping captions in files saved by MultiPic or PSED that use IPTCcord 1 envelope fields inside of the Photoshop IPTC Record 2 data. Any IPTC Record 1 fields will now be preserved when edited by Photo Mechanic.

Camera Bits recommends that all users of Photo Mechanic 4.0 install Photo Mechanic 4.0.1 for Windows immediately. The new release is free for most licensed users of a previous version (see the Camera Bits web site for upgrade details). A single user license is US$150. The program will operate as a fully-functioning trial version for 2 weeks before registration is required.

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