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Dyna-Lite XP1100 provides AC power on location  
Thursday, July 8, 2004 | by Rob Galbraith

Dyna-Lite's XP1100 is an 1100-watt AC inverter designed to drive lighting gear when working on location away from AC power.

A removable, high-capacity sealed lead acid rechargeable battery provides the juice to the inverter; a single three-prong North American-style power outlet on the XP1100 emits between about 116V and 121V AC.

The US$1227 (estimated US street price), 23 pound device, says Dyna-Lite's Peter Poremba, will power the company's  M1000DR 1000w/s power pack for up to 200 full power pops, with a 1.5 second recycling time for about the first 160 pops. Because the device uses a pure sine wave inverter, the power is claimed to be clean enough to run laptop computers and other delicate electronics.

The XP1100 will also power other manufacturers' lighting equipment (in a brief test last month, we powered up and repeatedly fired an older Elinchrom 500/R without any problems), as long as the XP1100's 1100 watt threshold isn't exceeded. It's also possible to use a strobe's modeling lamp, though at the expense of a reduced number of flashes per charge.

A spent battery can be swapped out for a freshly-charged one simply by loosening two knurled knobs on the top of the device and sliding out the battery. Additional batteries are about US$150 (estimated US street price). With its own battery removed, the XP1100 can be connected - via the use of standard jumper cables - to a car battery inside a running automobile for essentially unlimited AC power in the field.

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