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National Geographic: photographing lions with the help of remote technology  
Thursday, December 22, 2011 | by Rob Galbraith
Since earlier this month, National Geographic has been publishing regular dispatches from staff photographer Michael "Nick" Nichols on his experience photographing lions in Tanzania using an array of technology designed to get Canon digital SLR cameras closer to his fearsome and beautiful subjects.

Armed with a remote control helicopter, remote control car, camera traps and night vision goggles, and moving about the African Serengeti in a custom-outfitted 4x4, Nichols will spend about a year making pictures for what is projected to be a 2013 article in the magazine. His dispatches are fascinating to read, as is the accompanying gallery which shows both some of the hits and amusing misses in his work on the story so far.

The first of Nichols' dispatches is here (there have been 16 to date). A gallery of photos is here. A video showing Nichols' tests of the German-made HexaKopter is here. A brief article has also been published on Canon Europe's CPN website, one which includes details about the Canon gear Nichols is using to photograph the lions.

Up Close: The National Geographic website

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