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Nikon commercial for D5100 shot with D5100  
Wednesday, June 1, 2011 | by Rob Galbraith
Nikon USA turned to Matthew Libatique, the cinematographer behind Iron Man, Black Swan and other big-budget movie productions, to film a commercial touting the video strengths of the Nikon D5100. In a twist, the D5100 was also used to film the 30 second and one minute spots, which feature actor and perennial Nikon pitchman Ashton Kutcher.

On Set: Matthew Libatique and a fully-rigged D5100 (Photo by Mike Corrado/Nikon USA)

The 30 second version is below, followed by the one minute version. Note that the latter is more heavily compressed and shows some artifacting. Also note that, depending on your browser, either or both of the videos may play with the audio out of sync.

30 seconds: Commercial for the Nikon D5100, shot on the D5100 (Video courtesy Nikon)

60 seconds: The extended version of the Nikon D5100 commercial (Video courtesy Nikon)

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