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Bibble v2.02 for Windows released  
Tuesday, October 17, 2000 | by
Peter Ibbotson notes that a new version of the shareware .NEF image browser Bibble for Windows has been released. Bibble v2.02 beefs up the program's browsing functions and fixes several bugs. Changes, says author author Eric Hyman, include:
  • Added Copy, Move and Delete to browser window.
  • Added option to maximize picture windows at load.
  • Added Hotkey for Save (Ctrl-S) and Save As(Ctrl-Shift-S)
  • Added Correct preview for rotated images.
  • Added display of zoom % when zooming.
  • Added "Batch complete" message to batch window.
  • Added default to 300Dpi when using the plugin.
  • Fixed problem remembering save type in save as dialog
  • Fixed crash m_rgbbm = NULL.
  • Fixed memory leak relating to preview Dialog.
  • Fixed sharing violation when trying to move/delete jpeg after viewing in browser.
  • Fixed problems related to draging preview windows.
  • Fixed crash when loading "fresh" .tifs
  • Fixed Juergens 'black line' problem (Only happened with rotated images)
  • Fixed default button problem on general options dialog (Enter now is the same as ok)

Bibble v2.02 is available in a trial version, and is US$99 to register.

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