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X-Rite releases i1Profiler 1.2.0  
Tuesday, November 29, 2011 | by Rob Galbraith
X-Rite has released i1Profiler 1.2.0, an update of the company's calibration and profiling software. New features include the option to balance red, green and blue during monitor calibration, improved automatic monitor adjustment during the calibration process, support for Eizo ColorEdge displays and other tweaks and fixes.

The Read Me with i1Profiler 1.2.0 lists the following changes:

* Added the ability to balance RGB controls during display calibration.
* Improved ADC functionality and connectivity for all platforms.
* Added the reporting of target and measured values for luminance, white point and contrast ratio during display profiling.
* Fixed issue where profiling and QA of second display was producing inaccurate results (Mac only).
* Added ability to calibrate EIZO ColorEdge displays using ADC.
* Added the ability to select M0 or M2 measurements for profile creation (when both measurements are present.)
* Improved CGATS exporting. Allows user to customize exported CGATS data for multiple uses.
* Added support for Japan Color in Printer QA.
* New X-­Rite Device Services solves Japanese connection problems with i1Display, iO with i1Pro Rev. B problem and various connection issues.
* Fixed issue where profile could not be made if the black ink on the test chart was too chromatic.
* Changed Printer QA tolerances to match FOGRA and ISO12647-­‐7.

iProfiler 1.2.0 for Mac and Windows is available from the X-Rite support site. X-Rite Device Services, a bundle of support files for the company's colorimeters and spectrophotometers, was updated earlier this month to v2.1.1.
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