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MultiPic updated to 1.030  
Wednesday, March 13, 2002 | by
Nancarrow Software's MultiPic Professional, an image browser aimed at news photographers and news organization picture desks, has been updated to 1.030. The latest release of the Windows-only browser streamlines the process of emailing photos via MultiPic, preserves the orientation of rotated photos through editing sessions, displays standard EXIF shooting information for digital camera files and more.

MultiPic 1.030

New in MultiPic 1.030

Persistent image rotation. Photos flipped upright in one editing session remain upright through subsequent editing sessions. MultiPic creates and stores its own thumbnail the first time it views a photo. Unlike my experience with MultiPic when it was first released, thumbnail generation on a fast PC is equally fast. Same goes for large preview speed. The program doesn't quite keep up with ACDSee's lightning quick thumb and preview display, but it's one of the first image browsers I've seen on the Windows platform that comes close.

Display of EXIF shooting information. A dedicated toolbar button opens a separate window, which MultiPic populates with shooting data extracted from the selected digital camera picture file. Shutter speed, aperture, the EXIF thumbnail and other key data is shown, though certain camera-specific EXIF data that is stored in the MakerNote field is not displayed in this release. That means the ISO from Nikon D1-series cameras is missing, for example. Nancarrow Software is currently evaluating whether to include camera-specific EXIF information in a future release.

Integrated transmission of photos via email. MultiPic, in conjunction with its companion applications ZIT and FIT, already does a great job of automating the transmission of photos by Zmodem or FTP. Version 1.030 eases the process of sending photos as email attachments as well. MultiPic can attach multiple photos to an outgoing message, or one photo per multiple messages, optionally scaling and JPEG compressing for transmission a copy of the original photo in the process. Outgoing photos are rotated to match their orientation in the Monitor window when scaling is switched on. The headline and caption from the photo are automatically placed into the text of outgoing emails that have a single photo attached.

Other changes include:

  • Support for Windows XP.
  • Support for the transmission of pictures using the emerging NewsML standard.
  • Renaming of photos directly from a Monitor window.

Obtaining the Update

Licensed users of a previous MultiPic Professional release may obtain v1.030 by sending a request to MultiPic 1.030 is available from Nancarrow's UK-based online store for 199 (US$282) as part of the Field Photographer's Kit, which includes ZIT and FIT. A 229 (US$324) Bureau Kit adds ZIP, a program for receiving files via Zmodem. 14-day trial versions of MultiPic, ZIT, ZIP and FIT are also available; follow the Downloads link at the bottom of the site's main page to find them. Organizations interested in 10 or more copies of MultiPic should contact in the Americas, or in Europe and elsewhere. Nancarrow Software is currently working on a scaled-down, low-cost version of MultiPic. It's expected to be released sometime in the second quarter.

Note: An overview of MultiPic was posted on this site in April 2001.

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