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Leaf releases Capture 11.1 for Mac  
Thursday, April 17, 2008 | by Rob Galbraith
Leaf has today released Capture 11.1, an update to its camera control, editing and RAW conversion software for Valeo, Aptus and AFi series cameras and backs. The new version, which is currently available for the Mac only, adds a Compare View, a wizard for building lens calibration files, automatic updating of the firmware in a connected AFi or Aptus model and other interface changes.

More information is in the release notes, and in the press release below. Capture 11.1 for Mac is a free download (registration required). Leaf recently released Capture 11.0.2 in beta form for Windows.

Press Release

Leaf releases version 11.1 of Leaf Capture image capture and processing software
Features powerful new capabilities

La Hulpe, Belgium, April 17, 2007 – Leaf, the developer of the world's fastest medium-format digital camera solutions, announces the release of Leaf Capture version 11.1, a new version of the company's popular image workflow software. The new Leaf Capture software enables professional photographers to easily and intuitively work with images, save time and benefit from significant improvements in their productivity.

Leaf Capture version 11.1 offers several innovative features including a brand new Compare View function, enabling photographers to evaluate an unlimited number of original, RAW images and find their best shot in a series of images by comparing them to one another, with the ability to zoom and pan on each individual image. The Compare View feature was designed to make optimal use of the user’s work area by intelligently arranging the images and automatically taking into consideration the images’ orientation. When comparing two images, an intuitive workflow enables the user to quickly and easily choose the perfect shot.

Leaf Capture also features an all-new Lens Calibration File Wizard. Shooting images with wide angle lenses and exploiting large format camera movements often results in lens fall-off and color cast effects. The Lens Calibration feature enables photographers to tailor their shot to any lens they use in order to avoid lens fall-off and color shading. This is done by shooting a lens calibration file per lens, and applying it to all subsequent shots. Moreover, photographers using shift and tilt movements can now adjust vignetting in their shots by taking a diffused shot every time they apply movements.

Additional features includes an automatic firmware update, where  Leaf Capture version 11.1 automatically updates Leaf AFi cameras and Leaf Aptus imaging modules firmware when necessary.

Additional functionality information is available on

Unique to the software is its ability to enable a parallel workflow, where the photographer can capture, edit and process the actual images at the same time. Leaf Capture also allows exceptionally fast access to 1:1 image resolution on the RAW images for immediate evaluation of the actual image shot. Specifically designed as the image capture software for Leaf’s digital camera backs, Leaf Capture takes the photographer from capture to print using a straightforward and intuitive flow.

Leaf Capture directly addresses the needs of customers who are working on both high-volume productions and according to tight deadlines, such as catalogue and fashion shoots. It is designed for editing and managing files in both tethered and portable shooting modes.

Leaf Capture 11.1 software supports all of Leaf’s systems, including the following:  the Leaf AFi Series (7, 6, 5), the Leaf Aptus Series 75S/65S/54S/75/65/22/17, and Leaf Valeo models 22/22Wi/17Wi/11.  

Leaf Capture is available for an unlimited number of users and can be downloaded from,.

About Leaf: A History of Innovation

Since introducing the world’s first digital camera back in 1992, Leaf has been recognized as a worldwide leader in the professional photography market. With extensive knowledge in image processing, color management and file conversion technology, Leaf has become the preferred digital equipment supplier for the world’s leading professional photographers. Leaf Capture workflow software enhances productivity, while allowing today’s professionals to get the perfect shot. The Leaf Aptus family is the latest in a series of award inning digital imaging modules offering images of the highest quality, richest shadows, clearest highlights, and with brilliant sharpness. The product range now expands with the Leaf AFi medium format digital camera system.

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