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MacBibble v1.0b stomps out bugs  
Monday, September 11, 2000 | by
MacBibble v1.0b, the third revision of the D1 RAW (.NEF) browser and image processor for Mac in the last week, may fix a serious bug that prevents the saving of files for some (the problem persists for me). Also new in v1.0b is a 20% improvement in processing time when .NEFS are previewed. Author Eric Hyman notes several other changes as well:
  • Fixed missing preview icons for .tifs
  • Fixed stray "Bibbletmp" files getting left behind.
  • Fixed crash when batching (Occured if there was other than .nefs or .jpegs in source dir)
  • Fixed correct typing of files when adding icons (Would erroneously retype .nefs as .jpgs)
  • Fixed Crash when trying to load .nef manually after batch.
  • Fixed problem with stray icons getting put in the root of the drive.
  • Fixed garbled preview window when using preview during batch.
  • Fixed mixing up of batch input and output types.
  • Fixed garbled preview when using monitor mode.
  • Fixed crash bug in browser (related to rotated thumbs)
  • Fixed problem enterning values for autolevels.

MacBibble is fully-functional for 10 days before key features are disabled. Registration is US$99. MacBibble includes a Photoshop plug-in as well.

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