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Production Assistant Actions for Photoshop released  
Friday, June 22, 2007 | by Rob Galbraith
Photographer Craig Minielly has released a comprehensive series of Actions for Photoshop that provide one-click methods to adjust "[c]olor, contrast, edge vignettes, selective softness, output sizing, sharpening and much more," says a press release.
The Production Assistant Actions, which are aimed primarily at the portrait and wedding photographer, are divided into three sets: Portrait/Wedding, Jazz and iTones1. More information, examples and a FAQ are on the Craig's Actions website.
Each Production Assistant set is US$245 (US$685 for all three) until June 27, 2007, at which time the price rises to US$295. They are compatible with Photoshop 5.5 and later on Mac and Windows.
The press release is below.

Press Release

Craig's Actions Releases Complete Workflow Photoshop Actions Series

Craig Minielly, founder and wizard behind the scenes of Craig's Actions,
has just released the ultimate set of Photoshop Actions.

Entitled the "Production Assistants", these are a collection of One-Touch Complete Workflow Actions that now bring an incredible amount of power and creativity to everyone that uses Photoshop to process their photographic images.

Three sets make up this release. The "Portrait / Wedding" set looks after the day-to-day production needs of all photographers, the "Jazz" set is a cool collection of color & duotone effects, and the " iTones1" is the first in an ongoing series of fashionable and funky image stylings targeted at the cutting edge & creative photographer's market.

Workflow is such an industry buzzword, that it has almost become cliche, with many professing the solution to it's headaches. However Craig's Actions processes have become the industry standard, and long recognized as the best available, in how they effectively handle photographers creative desires and production requirements. The recipient of the International Commercial Photographer of the Year Award, Craig packs a wealth of industry experience into these and all his Action Packages.

This new set of Photoshop Actions, allows the user to have a true One-Touch Solution to their image production requirements. Color, contrast, edge vignettes, selective softness, output sizing, sharpening and much more are all automatically and remarkably well performed by these revolutionary techniques. The user simply selects the combination of softness and exposure variation in the desired process, and the rest is automatically handled by these incredibly well designed Actions.

For all their power, these Actions are not meant to replace the Photoshopper's expertise... " They give you back the time to use it! " says Craig.

The purpose of these Actions is that they initially look after your entire workload by addressing the majority of your production and output needs - creating enhanced versions of your image fully prepped for web, print and an archive PSD. Then, for the specific images you really need (or want) to spend more time on, you take the newly created PSD version and carry on from there ( making use of the traditional Craig's Actions) , freed up from the rest of your  production workload which has already been completed. The amazing part, is that these One-Touch Action results are so good, that users are finding they have no need to work anything further on even their most demanding images - Truly freeing up your schedule and mind for personal and creative playtime!

Combining these new Action processes with the traditional Actions offered at provides the user with the best of both worlds - Automation you need and the creative freedom you demand. Novice photoshop users will find all their image production needs addressed, while experts now have the perfect springboard to enhanced, creativie opportunities.

This is not a limited application release either, as there are over 700 complete Workflow Actions that are part of the extended series available in three separate volumes. Don't worry about being overwhelmed by this figure, as they are smartly organized by style and production technique, with the collections being very intuitively organized for photographers.

Each Set is priced at $295 with a value priced Creative Suite combo available, and though the price may initially seem higher than other options on the market, it doesn't take long to calculate the incredible value that these new Actions provide. When one takes into account the dollars typically invested in digital camera gear, computers and software, the price for these revolutionary processes is very cheap for the final solution they provide.

Additional savings are to be had with special pricing in effect until June 27th.  Summer workshop discounts and other items of photographer's interest are also available in the Specials section of the Craig's Actions website.

The new Production Assistant Actions can be viewed here:

The Craig's Actions website:

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