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G4-Kodak acquire software incompatibility appears minor  
Tuesday, April 25, 2000 | by
Belgian photographer Marc De Waele reports that incompatibilities between G4 Macs and Kodak's latest acquire software are few:

After receiving this message (from Kodak), I tested this week 4 G4 computers between 400 and 500 mhz. For this test I used a DCS 520,620 and 660 camera. All camera have firmware 3.0.9 or 3.0.14; Software on G4 computers was Apple OS 9.0.4 for English version or 9.0 for Dutch version;

All cameras works fine and without problems via firewire on every tested G4. EXCEPT..... I found a bug, when there is no card in the camera it is not possible to making pictures from the computer or the camera. Put a card inside and everything works like before.

See the April 20th entry in Rob's DigiNews for more information.

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